BC Boy’s Mom Faces Primary Murder in “Tragedy” Incident Stepdad: RCMP

According to the RCMP, the boy’s mother and stepfather were detained on one murder charge after Vancouver Island police made a painstaking effort to obtain all evidence from the prosecutor.

Constant Richard Johns says he will go to the judge this week after 28-year-old Rikel Frank and 29-year-old Mitchell Frank were arrested on Friday.

Six-year-old Dontay Lucas was found dead in March 2018 at his home in Port Alberni.

Sgt. Clayton Wiebe says the long wait for prosecution is frustrating for the boy’s family, the Port Alberni community, and police officers who conducted “tragic” investigations.

He says it takes time to collect reports from various agencies, including coroner services and forensics, and television talks about murder make the difficult process easy to see.

Weebe says that the currently married couple is caring for other children and they no longer live with them.

“This is a tragic investigation that has affected many people,” he said at a press conference, citing everyone involved with the little boy, including his classmates.

Weebe says he couldn’t say why the couple was charged with intentional first-class murder. Because it provides the details that must be revealed in court.

Canadian press