BC community devastated by extreme weather

British Columbia Sally — Extreme weather continues to plague British Columbia as strong winds, floods and landslides continue until day three, choking travel in the state and forcing evacuation. The rain is expected to subside.

Traffic to and from Metro Vancouver is stagnant as landslides hit five major highways outside the Fraser Valley of the region.

Highway 1 and Highway 7, west of the Hope Community, have both been closed since November 14, with commuters and commercial vehicles stuck in towns facing floods and frequent power outages.

Since then, the other three highways leading from Hope have also been closed due to landslides, further isolating residents unpredictably if the route is likely to open.

On Highway 7, an estimated 150 drivers were stuck between two different slides as rescue teams worked to retrieve them on the evening of November 15. Evacuate to a local campsite.

Fifteen kilometers south of Liluette in the center, similar landslides trapped dozens of drivers until rescue teams took them safely.

An evacuation order has been issued throughout the city of Merritt, north of Hope in the Nicola Valley, to escape floods from the rising Coldwater River and its Fed Dark Creek. Merritt’s sewage treatment facility was destroyed by the flood and is no longer in operation.

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On November 15, 2021, a vehicle was sunk in a flood along a road in Abbotsford, British Columbia. (Canada Press / Jonathan Hayward)

“The benefits are and will continue to be strong. At this point, everyone needs to be calm and orderly to move to a safe place in a nearby city,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

“For your own safety, you must leave the benefits for the time being. Please help your friends, family, and neighbors, drive safely, and take care of yourself. See you again at the house we belong to. “

Evacuation orders were also issued on November 15 in other southern inland towns such as Princeton, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Spencesbridge and Lytton. This was Litton’s second evacuation order in 2021, and Litton faced catastrophic fires in many parts of the city in the summer.

Landslides struck roads and highways outside several other BC communities, including Ferney, McLeeds Lake, and Quesnel.

Meanwhile, the cities of Lower Mainland are struggling to cope with local floods and power outages. The Chilliwack, Agassiz and Abbotsford communities have announced their own regional emergencies to deal with the crisis. Abbotsford closed the school as part of an emergency order.

Floods struck much of southern Vancouver Island, closing several roads and highways along the east coast between Victoria and Nanaimo.

In a statement made on November 15, British Columbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security Mike Farnworth described the state’s floods and evacuation as “dynamic.”

“The state has been in constant contact with local governments and has been working to help those affected,” he said.

“For everyone who deals with this difficult case, everyone works together, takes care of them, and keeps them safe.”

Rain is expected to stop from November 16th, but strong winds predict Strikes in the aftermath and some of the BC will face heavy snow.

Federal Emergency Response Minister Bill Blair said the federal government is monitoring the situation in British Columbia and can assist if necessary.

“We’re always there for Canadians in need, and we’re closely monitoring the situation in southern British Columbia,” Blair said. “We are in contact with our state counterparts and are ready to assist British Columbia citizens as needed.”

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