BC Liberal MLA kicked out of caucus for endorsing carbon dioxide

The liberal MLA of northern BC has been kicked out of the caucuses after reposting a tweet in favor of carbon dioxide as an essential element of life, not a catalyst for global warming.

John Rustad, who represents Lake Nechako Horseback Riding, Aug. 18, after sharing a Twitter post by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore challenging the idea that carbon dioxide is the “control knob for global temperature.” He was dismissed from the BC Liberal Party on the following day. Regarding climate change.

Moore tweeted, paper Australian author Tony Thomas says Australia “will not see a linear warming trend in the decade to 1 August 2022” and that the Great Barrier Reef is currently “Enjoying the largest area of ​​coral reef ever recorded

Thomas’ article was published in Quadrant Online, an Australian literary, cultural and political magazine, on 14 August.

Rustad was first elected to the BC Liberal MLA in 2005. Prior to serving as Opposition Commentator on Forest, Land and Natural Resource Operations in 2017, he served as Minister of Indigenous Affairs and Minister of Forests under Christy Clark’s Liberals.

The outspoken critic, who has worked in the forestry industry for more than 20 years, was criticized by BC Liberal Party leader Kevin Falcon, who stressed that Rastad did not speak on behalf of the caucuses on climate change.

“Let me be clear. # climate change It’s one of the most significant threats facing our future,” Falcon said. twitter August 17th. @bcliberals We are committed to effective action on climate change and restoring BC’s position as a global leader in climate policy. @JohnRustad4BC I do not speak on behalf of the caucuses on this issue. “

Falcon is statement “Politics is a team sport, and British Columbians expect their elected officials to work together to address the important issues facing the state,” he said the next day.

“Following a pattern of behavior that does not support our caucus team and principles of mutual respect and trust, I have immediately removed MLA John Rustad from the BC Liberal caucuses,” he said.

Opposition leader said another tweet August 18, Kamloops-South Thompson MLA’s Todd Stone will serve as interim forestry commentator.

“Essential Elements of Life”

In a reply hours later, Rustad defended his stance on the tweet.

“I believe in climate change. As a resident of British Columbia, we have an impact on the climate. And I worry about how it will affect the next generation. twitter August 18th.

“But I refuse to support policies that punish everyday British Columbians and their families who are already dealing with the uncontrollable inflation brought in by environmental elitists.”

According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), carbon dioxide “is a major contributor to climate change, just as other greenhouse gases and air pollutants also influence climate.”

Rastad is outspoken in advocating for carbon dioxide. He opposed using the word “pollution” to describe pollution in his BC legislature last April.

“Carbon dioxide is an essential ingredient for life on this planet. Said.

“It doesn’t serve anyone. It doesn’t serve the environmental movement well. It doesn’t serve our state well. It’s poorly worded. That’s the raspberry.”

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based reporter for the Epoch Times.