BC Liberal Party members vote to change name to BC United

british columbia liberal Party members voted to change the party name to BC United.

Leader Kevin Falcon said he was thrilled with the outcome, with 80% of voters in favor of the name change.

The change would first have to be approved by the members at the convention, which Falcon said would likely be early next year.

Also, it’s up to them to decide when to make changes, and Falcon said he wants them to be wise.

He said he would not change the name anytime soon if the NDP government and incoming Prime Minister David Eby called for elections.

“I know we fixed election dates, but I also know that this government has broken election dates in the past,” Falcon said.

John Horgan’s new Democratic government won a majority after holding a snap election in October 2020.

Falcon says he wants to be careful with the timing of the change.

About 8,100 out of 45,000 party members voted, which Falcon called a success.

“We’ve been through a very solid process here, and I’m very proud of it. It’s really involved in membership.”

He dismissed concerns that the name change could be confusing.

canadian press