BC Money Laundering Public Inquiry Report, Recommendations Released

The report released today is expected to explain how billions of dollars have been poured into the British Columbia real estate sector, casinos and luxury car markets on suspicion of illegal cash.

The New Democratic Government appointed former British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Austin Karen in May 2019 to lead a 133-day hearing on money laundering after hearing testimony.

Several reports conclude that organized crime-related cash, drug trafficking impacts BC’s gaming sector, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of “dirty money” in the state’s largest casino with backpacks, shopping bags and suitcases. After hearing that was carried.

The mission of the investigation was to investigate facts and recommendations, determine the growth and method of money laundering, and see if a regulatory agency or individual contributed to the problem.

Nearly 200 witnesses testified, including former Prime Minister Christie Clark, current and former Cabinet Ministers, government and gaming industry officials, law enforcement officers, and scholars.

Two former senior gaming officials said more than a decade ago they expressed concern to government officials, including gaming and ministers, about the suspicious increase in the amount of cash appearing at casinos in the Vancouver area.

In the month of 2015, British Columbia casinos recorded $ 20 million in cash buy-ins, most of them $ 20 bills, according to a study.

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