BC Premier David Eby develops plan to tackle housing affordability crisis

british columbia premier David Eby will today announce the government’s plan to address the housing price crisis.

This is one of the issues Eby said he plans to tackle shortly after taking the oath on Friday.

Eby, who was housing minister before running for office premierannounced housing plans during a leadership campaign aimed at addressing affordability, targeting speculators and protecting renters.

His proposed plan would track affordable housing faster by speeding up approvals, use government land for some projects, legalize all secondary suites statewide, and help homebuilders allows you to replace a single-family home with up to three units on the same lot.

Eby said on Friday that he would “go into action” and set up two lump-sum payments for residents to ease inflationary pressures on them.

Yesterday, he unveiled a new public safety plan to tighten the crackdown on repeat violent offenders and expand the mental health crisis response team.

canadian press