BC Premier makes a “wrong call” and suspends $ 800 million museum project


British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan has announced that his government will suspend the $ 800 million exchange of the Royal BC Museum, saying he made a “wrong call.”

Hogan said he heard from British Columbia residents that the construction was at the wrong time, so he would return to the blueprints to find a project that all residents could lag behind.

“We made the choice based on the best information we had and thought it was right. Obviously we didn’t,” Hogan said at a press conference Wednesday.

“Today, it’s my responsibility to tell you that I made the wrong call. It doesn’t mean that the work that needs to be done at the (museum) should be interrupted indefinitely.”

British Columbia citizens are currently discussing other concerns, such as family primary care, education, living expenses, and various other issues that are moving the state out of the pandemic, he said.

Just last month, the government released a thousands of pages of documents supporting the decision to build a new museum after considering refurbishing and repairing the current building in Victoria at $ 300 million more than replacing it.

The opposition Liberal Party is critical of the exchange plan, saying that nearly a million BCs have no family doctors and money is being spent while many struggle to pay for their housing and fuel costs. was.

Liberal leader Kevin Falcon calls the plan the Prime Minister’s “Vanity Heritage Project.”

Tourism Minister Melanie Mark said in a press conference last month that the old building is not earthquake resistant and is at risk of flooding, potentially clearing British Columbia’s cultural and historical records.

Hogan said the two ministers were very enthusiastic about the project, not the “back-of-the-envelope calculation.”

“This was a five-year process involving countless engagements with people, but it wasn’t enough to make the public understand why this was important.”

Lee Harding


Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.

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