BC Reopens COVID Emergency Operations Center to Prepare for More Illness

British Columbia government to reopen 20 hospital emergency operations centers set up for COVID-19 To Coping with the expected surge in flu, respiratory illness and COVID cases.

Health Minister Adrian Dix said Friday that the health system has been coping with an unprecedented increase in demand.

He said reopening the center from Monday will allow people to continue to access it. To It also allows for a coordinated response during periods of additional pressure on hospitals.

There were 10,226 patients B.C.The number of hospitals on Friday increased by 6% from 9,637 on New Year’s Eve.

Dicks said the center will help make room for those who need it in the coming weeks.

“It’s not a question of it going high,” Dix said. To number of people in hospital. “We need To Manage the current situation, potentially create space, and reserve space for those who need care. “

B.C.Hospitalizations traditionally increase in January as sickness spreads during the holiday period and surgeries resume in the new year.

The center will be in place for at least six weeks, Dix said, and a leadership team will review hospital bed availability and identify solutions. To Reduce congestion in emergency departments.

Emergency Operations Center Was Part of State Response ToNot only during the pandemic, but also during wildfires and extreme weather events, including the recent extreme cold and snowstorms.

Center staff help ready patients To discharge To Reduce overall hospital occupancy and make patient care beds available to emergency departments.

Dicks said the three years of the pandemic have put health workers in a difficult position.

“It was relentless,” he said.

“People have been working like this for years and they need our support and they can get it, but it is very difficult for them.”

Hospitals with Emergency Surgery Centers include Abbotsford Area, Royal Columbian, Surrey Memorial, East Kootenay Area, Kelowna General, Kootenay Boundary Area, Penticton Area, Royal Inland, Vernon Jubilee, Fort St. John & Peace Villa, Mills Memorial, University. Hospitals in Northern BC, BC Children, Lionsgate, Richmond, St. Paul’s, Vancouver General, Nanaimo Regional General, Royal Jubilee, Victoria General.

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