Before and after photos of a 42 year old male model undergoing testosterone therapy to gain muscle and energy

Fitness model and menswear designer Weston Boucher poses for two photos.

Model and menswear designer Weston Boucher is shown left in 2020 before testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and right in 2022 after gaining about 10 pounds of muscle and water mass in about two years of treatment. I’m here.Courtesy of Weston Boucher

  • A 42-year-old man said testosterone therapy helped him build muscle and restore mood and energy.

  • But as a former fitness model, he said it wasn’t up to his previous peak physique.

  • He said hormone therapy has drawbacks such as hydration, hair loss, cost, and time constraints.

42 year old menswear designer and model Weston Boucher Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) helped restore energy, improve mental health, and put on 5+ pounds of muscle, but he thinks he looked better before treatment.

Despite benefits like better energy and mental health, he Wish I had waited longer before trying TRTBoucher previously told an insider.

“It’s not a magic potion, so be careful,” he said in a follow-up interview.

The result is more muscle mass and easier to maintain. But he’s also gaining water weight, and his overall physique hasn’t reached its previous peak.

“I’m not really working out to build muscle right now,” Boucher said. It is not reflected.”

A long-time health-conscious athlete, Boucher found that careful diet and exercise had a greater impact on physique than hormones, and that the primary effects were not mirror-related, but mental and physical health. He said that there is

He said the process of regulating hormones, including dealing with elevated estrogen levels, is a long, difficult and costly one, and those considering treatment should be aware of the commitment involved.

TRT helps address symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men

Many men may have distinct symptoms of low testosterone, but if hormone levels were high enough to begin with, the decline may not meet current criteria for low testosterone, says Urology. Physician Dr. Ananias C. Diokuno previously told Insider.

it’s a good idea to Test early and know your testosterone levels by age 30 That allows the test to detect significant drops that might be causing problems, Diokno said.

Boucher was the first to launch TRT. Common signs of low testosterone These include loss of libido, brain fog, depression, fatigue, and difficulty maintaining muscle and strength.

The most dramatic benefits were relief from his long-term depression, improved energy and libido, and better performance in the gym.

Testosterone therapy does not replace diet and exercise

Although hormone therapy can result in aesthetic changes, it is primarily a tool for addressing overall health and well-being with proper medical care. Boucher cautioned against men using it simply to build muscle and strength without putting lifestyle first.

“Jumping into synthetics before diet and exercise is a huge risk and, in my opinion, will lead to regret.” Never underestimate the power of the human body and our biology. The body can understand so many things when you give it something to eat.”

Boucher said he reached his peak physique between the ages of 36 and 40 after years of careful training and a strict low-fat diet to build a lean, muscular appearance. Since then, he has prioritized his health instead.

“I knew it wasn’t healthy or sustainable,” he said. “Now I’m more focused on diet for overall health than for cover shoots.”

Model Weston Boucher, circa 2018, poses shirtless against a white background with well-defined muscles

Weston Boucher said he was at his leanest around 2018 after years of training and a low-fat diet, but he knew it wasn’t sustainable.Courtesy of Weston Boucher

Adaptation to hormone therapy takes time and side effects can include hair loss

One of the challenges of TRT is that it can cause a complex series of changes in the body, including changes in the levels of other hormones. Boucher said it also increased his estrogen levels. common side effects.

To cope, I had to take other supplements and watch my diet, in addition to adjusting my TRT treatment over time.

Other side effects include hair loss and shrinking testicles.

“It doesn’t really matter if your test levels are healthy or not until your hormone levels are balanced.” You have to recognize it.”

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