Before the Epstein scandal, there was the Franklin scandal

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On December 4, demonstrators gather in New York to protest that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are hiding their pedophile network.

“Non-violent, non-political partisan demonstration Because there were multiple sources and perpetrators in Epstein / Maxwell’s child trafficking network, Americans sent a message to the Ministry of Justice that only Maxwell could not be resolved by being charged with one count of child trafficking. “I will,” event organizer Nick Bryant told Epoch the Times.

This isn’t the first time the DOJ and FBI have worked to hide a network of pedophiles catering to the country’s political and wealthy elite, according to Brian.

He will know. Brian, one of the leading researchers in the sex trafficking network and child abuse, left his mark on the Epstein scandal. Obtained and finally published Epstein’s Infamous Blackbook — Reveals a number of prominent contacts for international financial firms.

But before that, Bryant came across another explosive document. That leads to his drastic explanation of what is currently known. Franklin scandal— A child trafficking ring that was rampant throughout the United States in the 1980s.

Brian said he came across a 1987 investigation report from US Customs in the early 2000s. Finder cult— A group allegedly involved in the sexual abuse of minors.Law enforcement agency Charged Two members of the Tallahassee movement were found in a public park with six empty children, but the charges were dropped a few weeks later.

A customs investigation report published by Brian in his book reveals possible reasons. Customs officials said they were told that “investigation of finder activity has become an internal CIA issue.”

“No more information is available,” the customs report said. “No further action will be taken.”

Brian said the report suggested to him that the CIA had abandoned the finder’s investigation. By that time, Bryant said he did not believe in the idea that the sex trafficking circle would work with government knowledge or consent.

“That one document opened my mind to entertaining ideas that wouldn’t have been entertaining before,” he said.

A customs report guides Bryant from a rabbit hole to Omaha, Nebraska. There, another sex trafficking ring is said to have been run by the now-deceased and head of the eponymous Franklin Federal Credit Union.

A state and federal grand jury concluded in 1990 that Franklin’s allegations of sexual trafficking were “carefully crafted hoaxes,” but Bryant’s study was due to the DOJ and FBI overturning the investigation. Suggests that you worked for.

For example, Bryant said the FBI pressured one of the victims, then 21-year-old Alicia Owen, to withdraw her allegations of being trafficked by the Franklin Network during adolescence. When Owen refused, she was charged with 16 perjury charges and served in prison for more than four years. About two of them were imprisoned in a cell.

“The authorities wanted to destroy her,” Bryant said.

Franklin’s victims eventually received some evidence when Judge Warren Arbom of the US District Court ruled summary judgment against the former Franklin chief in a civil proceeding in 1999.

Mr. Urbom said Franklin’s sex ring leader told him that “the children were required to be part of the defendant’s sexual abuse and porn ring, forcing the plaintiff to make numerous sexual contacts with the defendant.” He said he had accepted the evidence of Paul Bonachi. , And participate in deviant sexual games and masochistic orgies with other underage children. “

Brian said the “real evidence” for Franklin’s victims was that the sexling operator, who was released from prison after serving nearly a decade in prison for a financial crime in 2001, responded to plaintiffs’ allegations of taking testimony. He said he came when he withdrew his complaint. ..

Brian turned his attention to Epstein and Maxwell after publishing the book Franklin Scandal: The Story of Power Broker, Child Abuse, and Betrayal in 2009. Initially, Bryant said he didn’t think Epstein and Maxwell were as bad as Franklin’s players.

“I initially thought Epstein was a kinder and gentler trafficking network than Franklin, but I learned that a girl aged 11 or 12 was trafficked by Epstein. Yes, but there are some very solid sources of information that there was a girl under the age of 10, “Bryant said.

“And again, some of these girls were spoiled by very sadistic pedophiles, like the Franklin Network.”

Brian said years of research have concluded that the Franklin and Epstein networks have similar structures.

“Epstein is similar to Franklin because these children were generally from socio-economic and dysfunctional families, and they were spoiled and repeatedly molested,” he said. rice field. “Both involved flying the kids around and dragging them into a rich and powerful hidden camera.”

Given the controversy over Epstein’s death, the tightly coordinated accusations against Maxwell, and the lack of law enforcement measures against their accomplices, Bryant said there were few positive signs that victims would receive justice. rice field.

“Maxwell’s trial will be an abomination of justice. Guillene Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have trafficked children for 25 years, and Guillene has only been charged with one trafficking of children,” he said. Said. “She should be prosecuted for a score on the number of child traffickings, but she has been prosecuted for only one, showing me that this is a cover-up.”

But Bryant said he hadn’t given up hope. He said he organized a December 4 rally with the support of 62 anti-trafficking organizations because he wanted to prevent the Epstein / Maxwell scandal from following the same fate as the Finder’s and Franklin investigations. rice field.

“This Saturday rally is about demanding that the Department of Justice prosecute other people who have molested these children for 25 years,” he said. “The government will want to wipe this out under the rug, and Americans need to demand justice.”

Speakers at the rally include Epstein survivor Teresa Helm and Franklin survivor Owen. The event will begin at 1:00 pm at Thomas Paine Park in New York.

Following the rally, Bryant said his group has partnered with the National Center for Sexual Exploitation to organize an email campaign to the Department of Justice.

“If nothing happens by that time, a rally will be held in Washington, DC in front of the Department of Justice,” he said.

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