Behind Ottawa’s insistence on maintaining travelers’ obligations


The Government of Canada is obsessed with control and is using COVID-19 to make the meantime Countries around the world Canada has refused to withdraw its immigration requirements because it has withdrawn all requirements for pandemic measures at the airport, from checking vaccination status to random testing. The pending return of random testing requirements for visitors entering Canada should wonder if the government has ever forgiven restrictions that harass travelers and cripple the tourism sector.

Vaccination has proven ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Countries recognize that it makes no sense to require a visitor to be vaccinated. They follow science and are relaxed even if they haven’t completely removed the restrictions on travelers’ pandemics.

Even in australiaWhere some of the strictest pandemic restrictions on the planet were imposed, all restrictions were lifted.

Canada is outlier By maintaining stubbornly Obligations and restrictions.

We still insist on imposing testing and quarantine on unvaccinated visitors. Over 30 percent of the world is still considered unvaccinated. They can still travel to Canada, but quarantine requirements are cumbersome and costly. Many travelers only choose to go elsewhere, which is costly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Canada’s tourism and hospitality sector.International tourism is down 57% Before the pandemic level. Most countries around the world are now experiencing a tourism boom, as they have been waiting for people to leave for two years. Canada is lagging behind because it insists on maintaining regulations. This costs the country billions, and it doesn’t make us safer than any other country.

In addition to financial costs, there are serious social costs due to restrictions on Canadian travelers. Many Canadians have families and loved ones around the world who haven’t seen each other for years due to pandemic restrictions and mandatory vaccines. Compulsory quarantine for unvaccinated visitors can hinder transactions for some people. If you have to spend weeks under the version of house arrest, why visit a country across the world?

Almost everyone in the developed world who wanted vaccination did. Still, those who refuse vaccination do not change their minds immediately. Some supporters of the mandate admit that the intention was to annoy and inconvenience the vaccine-hesitate until they receive an injection. Even if the rationale for the delegation is morally justified, it is no longer effective.

So why is the Government of Canada so reluctant to remove them when obligations and restrictions are costly and have little public health benefit?

There are three answers to that question. Politics, money, and malice.

Politically, missions were an effective tool for the Liberal Party government. The majority of Canadians are vaccinated and have not seen any direct impact of the restrictions. Restrictions and vaccines have caused excellent wedge problems for liberals. Whenever conservative politicians question their mission, they are anti-scientific and accused of endangering their citizens. They can be labeled as vaccinations and conspiracy theorists. This worked very effectively in the 2021 federal elections, with the Liberal Party relying on its mission to keep people divided.

On the financial side, the government has signed about 200 million vaccine procurement contracts over the next few years. If these vaccines aren’t in the hands of the public, the government faces the embarrassment of literally pouring in unused vaccines when they expire, while billions of dollars of taxes are wasted. Probably. The state is eager to maintain inspiration for people to take continuous booster shots.

Now that the nonsensical random tests are back at the airport, you need to wonder how many contracts have been signed by the government for testing and processing.

The worst reason for all the ongoing obligations and restrictions, despite being compelling.

Domestic travelers no longer need to prove their vaccination status, but their vaccination obligations for cross-border truck drivers remain. There is no evidence that cross-border truck drivers are the source of COVID infection, or that they were once. it doesn’t matter. The government does not allow Canadian truck drivers to trigger a Freedom Convoy protest last February. The government has panicked and is facing political implications by enacting an emergency law. Rest assured, the obligation to truck drivers will be the last one ever lifted.

Airports around the world are crowded and Canada is one of the worst. Checking the status of the vaccine and performing random tests contributes to the backup, but the government does not forgive it. They set foot on the hill to die of obligations and restrictions while the Canadian tourism sector was paying the price. Government pride outweighs the scientific and economic reality of pandemic regulation.

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Corey Morgan


Cory Morgan is a Calgary-based columnist.