Behind Russia-Ukraine, “total war” is taking place against US and allies

“Snake in the grass” is a deadly danger of invasion that cannot always be seen. Recently, President Joe Biden visited Belgium and Poland to signal NATO member states at the gateway to Ukraine. When talking to the US military in Poland, Biden at some point seemed to “miss” the expectation that the US military would fight Russia in Ukraine. But in the midst of these US-led developments and sanctions blaming the Russian economy, the US has made efforts like the Chinese initiative aimed at maintaining the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “unlimited war” against the US. I’ve been retreating. Check it out. As an aside, the Chinese Communist Party is suspected of preparing to provide military aid to Russia in Ukraine.

The United States and its western allies appear to be expanding their global power, so what do they need to understand about CCP to avoid being completely overwhelmed by CCP?

What can a country closest to the “Beast’s Jaw” and having survived the attacks of hybrid warfare for generations teach us about countering this danger?

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