Behind the Fox News Blitz of Ron DeSantis


From the 2020 elections to February, Fox News has asked Florida Governor Ron de Santis to appear on the air nearly once a day, actively broadcasting stage events established by the De Santis team. I improved the appearance of.

News promotion: according to it Tampa Bay Times Steve ContornoReceived a four-month email between the network and DeSantis’ office through a record request.

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Important reason: The 1,250-page email “shows how DeSantis used the country’s largest conservative megaphone and shows Fox’s remarkable efforts to inflate the Republican profile,” Contorno wrote. increase.

  • A so-called “monopoly” that promotes DeSantis’ efforts to vaccinate older people, such as January’s “Fox & Friends,” will be coordinated in collaboration with the governor’s media outlets who share topics and issues with the network. ..

  • Once upon a time, Contrno reported that the producer even suggested letting Desantis choose a subject if he agreed to participate.

Big picture: This network has made DeSantis one of the most popular Republicans in the country. Friendly interests have already provided a great deal of support for the 2024 presidential election.

Line spacing: In the first six months of this year, DeSantis scheduled more meetings with Sean Hannity than the Vice-Governor or the state’s highest public health authorities.

Opposite side: A DeSantis spokeswoman said in a statement, “Other networks have been busy praising the state where the governor has retired in disgrace or is being recalled, but Fox News has heard our views. I was ready to report the facts. “

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