Beijing begins psychological warfare against Taiwan after the outbreak of COVID-19

The Taiwanese government has criticized the Chinese Communist Party administration for attacking the autonomous island on May 19 using the island’s COVID-19 outbreak.

Beijing authorities mix truth with Taiwan’s social media platform and pro-Beijing Taiwan media with the aim of “deepening conflicts between Taiwanese,” “exacerbating outbreaks,” and “reducing production activity throughout society.” I created and disseminated fake information. A spokesman for Taiwan’s Lo Ping-cheng single parliament said at a press conference at a former executive meeting in Taipei on Wednesday that it was “damaging the economy and the stock market” and “irritating Taiwanese people.” I have. “

Mr Law said the act of psychological warfare was carried out by the People’s Liberation Army’s Network Systems Division of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Chinese Department of Homeland Security, and the Taiwan Secretariat of the State Council of China.

Lo emphasized that disinformation about CCP, which is widespread among Taiwanese, is as bad as the CCP virus, commonly known as the coronavirus, and only hurt people and society. He recognized the psychological warfare in Taiwanese and urged fake news not to change their behavior. He also asked people not to share it and spread it.

Disinformation and sowing of fear

Taiwan began suffering from a new COVID-19 outbreak in May, and recently new cases of local infections are still increasing. Taking advantage of people’s worries and fears, disinformation was seeded by the CCP. It was quickly spread by people on social media.

The Taiwanese government has warned people that some of the rumors they see were created by the CCP throughout the Taiwan Strait in a psychological warfare act.

May 14, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Tryed to clarify one rumor In a Facebook post claiming that the disinfectants used by Taiwan’s Chemical Corps in Taipei and New Taipei City are “very toxic” and many are worried.

“The disinfectant used is a 1:50 diluted bleach, which does not directly harm the human body and ensures the effectiveness of the disinfectant effect,” said Tsai. She criticized the spread of “many false messages” and said the epidemic prevention team would make greater efforts to better explain its activities.

May 16th, Tsai Prompted People who just follow government notices because they have “too much information” about the outbreak.

“I don’t know if they are right or wrong,” Tsai said.

After an increase in cases of local infection in Taipei, Taiwan on May 15, 2021, healthcare professionals are preparing to perform a COVID-19 rapid test on residents. (AnnWang / Reuters)

Rho pointed out another example of psychological warfare at a press conference on May 19.

On May 17, Zhu Phoenix, a spokesman for the Taiwan Secretariat of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, said Said At a press conference in Beijing, “Many Taiwanese compatriots are eagerly looking forward to the use of the COVID-19 vaccine made in mainland China. Our top priority is politically created by the Taiwanese government. To remove the barriers and vaccinate the majority of Taiwanese people with Chinese-made vaccines. “

After that, Chinese state media, Taiwanese Pro-Beijing media, and Taiwanese Pro-Beijing politicians advertised Zhu’s statement.

Lo pointed out that Zhu wasn’t right, and the Chinese Communist Party was trying to convince the Taiwanese people that mainland China had successfully suppressed the pandemic, and that the Taiwanese government wasn’t doing well.

Meanwhile, authorities in many Chinese states are also addressing local outbreaks of the CCP virus.

Professor Tung Li-wen, Faculty of Public Security, Central Police University Said The Epoch Times on May 20th, when the Chinese administration attacks Taiwan by spreading fake news.

“If significant progress is made in Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party administration will step up its use of psychological warfare,” he said.

Tung listed the method used by CCP. Use content farms to create fake stories, use artificial intelligence to generate and disseminate fake news, and organize numerous trolls to target Taiwanese people on social media platforms.

“They use extreme words to defame and defame the Taiwanese government’s efforts and achievements during the pandemic. Taiwan will soon collapse … even the blockade of the city will not work,” Tung said. Told.

Unfortunately, the crafted message is written in a way that is easily accepted by people, so some Taiwanese believe in fake news, Tung said.

Outbreak in Taiwan

Epoch Times Photo
A homeless person (R) will receive a free facial mask and a bottle of rubbing alcohol from a local inhabitant of Ximen, a commercial zone in Wanhua District, Taiwan, on May 19, 2021. (SAMYEH / AFP via Getty image)

Until mid-May, there were few cases of CCP virus obtained locally in Taiwan. May 20, the government Announcement 286 newly diagnosed patients from 10 different cities and counties.

Taiwan’s Minister of Health Chen Shih-chung said at a news conference that since January 2020, 2,825 patients have been diagnosed in Taiwan, of which 1,103 are from abroad. To date, 15 patients have died of COVID-19 in Taiwan.

First day with over 100 participants since May 15th Diagnosed Due to COVID-19 in Taiwan, the majority of Taiwanese in Taiwan and New Taipei City, where most cases were reported, decided to stay home without a request from the government.

Currently, both Taipei and New Taipei City have announced Level 3 restrictions, requiring masks to be worn in public areas, limiting rallies to 5 indoors or 10 outdoors, and recommending non-essential business closures. doing.