Beijing further expresses its support for Putin and repeatedly reiterates its sovereignty over the Taiwan Strait.

Two days before the birthday of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, he made two major moves. Analysts believe these moves were also intended to increase his leverage as he is aiming for the third term at the upcoming 20th Party Convention.

In communist countries, the birthday of a top leader is an important date for the whole country. Xi was born on June 15, 1953.

On June 13, Xi reportedly signed the “Summary of Chinese Army’s Non-War Military Actions.” On the same day, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs suddenly changed its rhetoric, publicly claiming sovereignty over the Taiwan Strait, and immediately from the White House accusing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of undermining the peace and stability of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Triggered a response. Taiwan Strait.

The outline, whose details have not been released, was officially implemented on June 15th, Xi’s birthday. China’s state media argued that it was aimed at protecting national sovereignty and security and provided a legal basis for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to “conduct non-war military operations.”

Also, on June 15, Xi repeatedly talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone, and the two leaders continued to deepen their relations with Russia and expressed mutual support for each other’s major agenda items.

Two days ago, Chinese defense minister Wei Fenghe publicly declared at the Asian Security Forum that Chinese troops would “do not hesitate to fight” for the so-called “unification” of Taiwan.

“Non-war” or “non-war” military operations

Based on the wording of the summary, analysts believe that CCP’s possible military actions against Taiwan could be carried out in “non-war” scenarios.

“Given that Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in the name of a’special military operation’, Xi Jinping could attack Taiwan in the name of anti-terrorism and anti-crime. “This move can be used to circumvent economic sanctions,” Akio Yaita, director of the Sankei Shimbun’s Taipei branch, said in a Facebook post on June 14. It is a law and may circumvent certain economic sanctions. “

Incumbent prominent commentator Lee Yanmei shows that the Chinese Communist Party’s recent series of actions is working together with the common goal of changing the existing US-led international order. I told the Epoch Times that I was there. Whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the ongoing military threat of CCPs in the Taiwan Strait, East Asia and the South China Sea, these are all with the world order, as the United States plays a role in representing and maintaining the international order. Targeting the United States. .. At the same time, Xi is trying to empower his reelection at the 20th Party Convention.

China-Russia Summit Pledges to Continue “Mutual Support”

China and Russia made different statements about the telephone conversation between West and Putin, but they both expressed their support for the Russian-Ukrainian War and the CCP’s strategy for Taiwan.

“China is ready to continue mutual support with Russia on issues of key interests and concerns, such as sovereignty and security,” according to a June 15 press release by the state-run Xinhua News Agency. ..

The Russian side said Xi “justifies Russia’s actions to protect the country’s fundamental interests in the face of security challenges posed by external forces.”

Mr Nishi said China will make independent decisions about the war between Russia and Ukraine based on a broad historical perspective and what is right and what is wrong. President Putin said Russia supported the Chinese Communist Party’s actions on issues related to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Russia opposed foreign interference with China’s internal affairs.

Incumbent prominent commentator Hen Hae said the phone conversation was another breakthrough after Xi and Putin talked on February 25, the first day of the Russian invasion. I believe in two countries.

Yinhong Shi, a professor of international affairs at Renmin University of China, told Taiwan’s Central Communications Company that China now feels more optimistic about the consequences of the Russian war in eastern Ukraine. ..

CCP suddenly claims sovereignty over Taiwan Strait

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on June 13 that the waters of the Taiwan Strait are “inland waters” and “a false allegation when certain countries call the Taiwan Strait the” high seas. ” Declared.

In response, US State Department spokesman Edward Price said in an email to Reuters: International law. “

Mr. Price reiterated that the United States was deeply concerned about China’s “active rhetorical and compulsory activities regarding Taiwan,” and that the United States “as far as international law allows, including passing through the Taiwan Strait.” Continue to fly, voyage, and operate. “

The world “has a lasting interest in the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait and sees it as the center of security and prosperity in the wider Indo-Pacific region,” Price added.

Taiwan also responded strongly to the actions of CCP. The Mainland Affairs Council, the supreme body of Taiwan’s cross-strait relations, issued a statement on June 14, stating that China’s remarks undermined the status quo of the entire Taiwan Strait and increased tensions in the region.

Taiwan’s Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang also said on June 14 that the Taiwan Strait was “never the inland sea of ​​China” and “China (CCP) has never stopped or hidden its ambition to merge Taiwan. I added.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also warned at the Shangri-La Dialogue held from June 10th to 12th that “Ukraine today is tomorrow’s East Asia.” He clearly pointed out that CCP’s ongoing military threats in the Taiwan Strait, such as Russia’s military action against Ukraine, are aimed at “shaking the foundations of the international order.”

Akio Yaita said on a Facebook page that the CCP’s “inland waters” claim is “a blatant challenge to the international treaty on the law of the sea and a compulsory change in the existing rules of the international community.” ..

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