Beijing hides reports of North Korean shootings of Chinese fishermen: leaked documents


According to a government document recently obtained by The Epoch Times, North Korean troops shot and killed at least one Chinese citizen in 2015 in illegal fishing in the territorial waters. Chinese authorities are hiding the case from the public.

The city of Dandong published reports in 2015 and 2016 on attacks on Chinese fishermen by North Korean soldiers. The Epoch Times obtained these documents from a trusted source that requested anonymity due to security concerns.

“North Korea sometimes seized our fishing vessels and shot our fishermen last year,” said a 2016 report. In the 2015 incident, at least one Chinese fisherman was shot dead. The report did not provide any additional information.

The Epoch Times could not confirm the incident and could not find a public report on the internet.

Dandong is located in Liaoning Province, China, the largest city on the border with North Korea, and is divided by the Yalu River. On the other side of the river is Sinuiju, North Korea.

Dandong document screenshot
An administrative report issued by the Dandong City Government in 2016 reveals that Chinese authorities were aware of the 2015 attack on Chinese fishermen by North Korean soldiers. (Screenshot by The Epoch Times)

Due to the depletion of fishery resources in China’s offshore waters, some Chinese fishermen are profiting from illegal fishing activities in North Korean waters, according to Chinese officials. According to a 2015 security report, “border control was under greater pressure” (pdf).

“So far this year [North Korea] Military police seized 14 fishing vessels and 73 crew members at sea [Yalu] “River,” said the 2015 document, describing it as a “significant increase” compared to previous year’s data.

Chinese authorities rarely confirm or respond to rumors of Chinese border residents being arrested or killed by North Korean troops. Authorities then warned journalists about reporting such cases.

Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV reporter, who was reporting a North Korean military hijacking of a Chinese fishing boat on May 8, 2012, ordered both Beijing and Hong Kong authorities to stop reporting on detained fishermen. Received. I have written On the blog on May 25th of that year. The 28 Chinese fishermen on the boat were finally released and returned to China.

Chinese and North Korean leaders exchanged messages earlier this year to reaffirm their historic alliance.

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un called on March 23 to strengthen “unification and cooperation” with China to address the challenges of “hostile forces,” the country’s official media said. According to the Voice of America, the “hostile forces” Kim mentioned are believed to have pointed to the United States. North Korea launched two short-range missiles two days ago. This is the first test since President Biden took office in January.

“Despite the fact that North Korea’s Kim dynasty administration often kills China’s frontiers, the Chinese Communist Party has never held North Korea liable,” said Lee Lin-Yu, a U.S.-based Chinese critic. Most of the time, they hide North Korea from the Chinese. “

Epoch Times Photo
On October 22, 2006, North Korean soldiers were on a North Korean patrol boat along the Yalu River near Sinuiju, North Korea. (Cancan Chu / Getty Images)

August 2020, Korean news site Daily NK Based on Chinese sources, a North Korean patrol boat has released reports that it has fired on a Chinese vessel that was illegally fishing in its territorial waters, killing at least three Chinese fishermen.

The case has not been confirmed by Chinese authorities.

Rita Lee

Rita Lee is a reporter for The Epoch Times, focusing on topics related to China. She started writing the Chinese version in 2018.