Beijing Olympics win “gold medal for oppression”: Labor Report

International trade union organizations have joined the long list of human rights advocates who challenge Beijing’s suitability for hosting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which begins within 100 days.

“Although there are rules in Olympic sports, the Chinese Communist Party shows that it has little or no respect for international law and standards,” said the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). November 9th Report, “China: Gold medal for oppression.”

Beijing in 2022 has been considered controversial due to the ruling party’s human rights records.

Published just under three months before the opening of the convention on February 4, the report describes the five oppression policies of the Chinese administration, with the freedom of millions of people nationwide and around the world. It chokes on rights and calls it the “five circles of oppression.”

According to the report, alleged abuse included forced labor, imprisonment of trade unionists and democracy activists in Hong Kong, and ethnic minorities and religions in the name of “anti-separatism, anti-radicalism, and anti-terrorism operations.” Misleading information about global pandemics, including the suppression and proliferation of ethnic minorities.

“The tactics used in Tibet have been exported to the Xinjiang Urad and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions, attacking communities such as mass securitization, surveillance and’political education’,” the findings show. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s largest democratic union disbanded a month ago after its members were threatened with safety if the group did not disband. Since its inception in 2021, at least 29 trade unions have been dissolved.

The Brussels-based ITUC called on Beijing to end its crackdown policy and recognize its basic rights and freedoms under international rules.

He also elected the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for acknowledging the alleged genocide and crimes against humanity in the host country. A copy of the report was sent to IOC Chairman Thomas Bach.

Voices calling for a boycott have been repeated, demanding that the IOC move the tournament from China. Two US citizens were detained in Athens before the torch lighting ceremony last month. Sponsors and broadcasters, including household names such as Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Visa, Toyota, Alibaba, Proctor & Gamble, were also targeted.

“I want the sponsors to actually see the relationship with the Beijing Winter Olympics,” said Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the ITUC. Told the Associated Press..

“There are big companies behind these Olympics and we really have to live up to the values ​​they say they respect.”

This year, COVID-19 countermeasures are a possible reason, and journalists reporting on sporting events fall into a “closed loop” that impairs free movement.

Last week, the Chinese Foreign Correspondents Club in Beijing announced A list of 31 points of concern About media access for games.

“Last year, foreign media outlets were constantly struggling with coverage of preparations for the Winter Olympics, being denied attendance at regular events and being prevented from visiting sports venues in China … such. The action cannot uphold the IOC’s own Olympic Charter, “it said.

In response, the US State Department has called on Beijing to allow foreign journalists “freedom of movement and access,” spokesman Ned Price said in a briefing.

A bipartisan US Senator group led by Republican Senator Mitt Romney has proposed a diplomatic boycott by the United States that US athletes can attend, but US civil servants cannot.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Rita Lee


Rita Lee is a reporter for The Epoch Times, focusing on topics related to China. She started writing the Chinese version in 2018.

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