Beijing Stock Exchange Sets Investor Equity Requirements


China’s third upcoming stock exchange will require minimum capital requirements for certain investors. Individual investors must have assets of 500,000 yuan ($ 77,400) in their accounts in order to trade on the upcoming exchange, the Beijing Stock Exchange. Presentation On Friday.

China will establish a third stock exchange in Beijing. This is Xi Jinping, a Chinese leader who will be the leading platform for innovative SMEs. Said on September 2nd..

To qualify for trading, an individual must have a minimum capital amount in their account on average over 20 trading sessions. Institutional investors are not subject to restrictions, Online regulations listed on September 17th.

In addition, individual investors need at least 24 months of trading experience.

China’s securities regulators say the planned Beijing Stock Exchange will be based on the city’s existing New Third Commission and will complement the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, but avoid competition for listed resources. Some people are worried that it may not be possible.

“In the end, it diverts capital from the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets,” said Rockjin, investment adviser Pop Eaton’s economist and chief executive officer.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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