Beijing traps top British physicist for backing hypersonic weapons research


The Chinese government has reportedly invited top British physicists and leading experts in the field of multi-scale gas, liquid and solid systems, which are crucial for hypersonic research.

Mr. Zhang Yonghao worked He has worked for over 20 years at leading UK universities and was also Weir Professor of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the University of Strathclyde.

Since 2020, he has also been Jason Rees Professor of Multiscale Fluid Dynamics at the University of Edinburgh.

In the UK, a professorship is the highest degree that can be achieved. It is considered a prestigious title only given to individuals who have made significant contributions to their field of study.

Experts like Zhang are expected to help speed up the Chinese government’s hypersonic program, especially with their experience in noble gas dynamics and multiscale fluid dynamics.

The contract between Mr. Zhang and the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reportaccording to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), which began shortly after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in October 2022.

The Institute of Mechanics says Zhang’s experience in organizing large projects and managing teams will be valuable in coordinating the researchers’ efforts, according to the SCMP report.

Hypersonics is the new focus of modern warfare

Currently, Russia, the United States and China are embroiled in a race to develop cutting-edge hypersonic weapons.

There are concerns that the United States is lagging behind Russia and China in this area. So far, the United States has announced that it successfully launched its first hypersonic missile in December 2022. AGM-183A Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) be A B-52H Stratofortress bomber in flight.

The U.S. Air Force says the missile can fly more than five times the speed of sound.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has revealed that in 2021 it will launch a hypersonic weapon that will orbit the Earth and strike its target. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly used a hypersonic missile to destroy a huge underground storage of missiles and aircraft ammunition in Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk region.

West worries about Beijing hiring

Zhang’s hiring came after revelations that the Chinese government had recruited former fighter pilots from the US, UK and Australia to train Western air combat techniques.

Up to 31 former British military pilots have been recruited to train PLA Air Force pilots in the use of high-speed jets such as the Typhoon, Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado, according to an intelligence alert from the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD). . – in South Africa.

“We are taking decisive steps to block China’s recruitment plans to headhunt active-duty and former British military pilots to train PLA personnel in the People’s Republic of China,” a defense ministry spokesman said. Stated.

“While all current and former employees are already subject to the Official Secrets Act and we are considering the use of non-disclosure and non-disclosure agreements across our defense, the new national security bill would It will create additional tools to address contemporary security challenges, including: one.”

Meanwhile, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marls has launched an inquiry into the matter.

In an email to The Epoch Times, Marls said: [defense] Authorities will investigate these allegations and return to my office with clear advice on the matter. ”

“When we [Australian Defence Force] “Members enroll in the Defense Force to serve their country, and we are deeply grateful for that.” “I would be very shocked and upset if I heard that some employees were being lured by foreign salaries more than they were serving their country.”

US fighter pilot detained in Australia on conspiracy charges

Only one Australian is currently under investigation for ties to Beijing.

Former U.S. fighter pilot Daniel Edmund Duggan is accused of conspiring to illegally export defense services to China and U.S. arms export controls, according to a 2017 indictment released December 9 by a federal district court in Washington. Indicted for breaking the law, Reuters report.

Duggan, who holds both US and Australian citizenship, was arrested in October 2022 in Orange, New South Wales, Australia.

He served in the Persian Gulf during operations in Kuwait, served in the Spanish Navy, and flew a variety of military aircraft including the AV-8B Harrier ‘Jump Jet’, T2C Buckeye, A4J ‘Skyhawk’, Hawk and Mig29. Did. . He is also said to have worked as a senior tactical instructor in weapons and tactics, air combat, and low-flying.

U.S. officials allege that Duggan violated U.S. arms control laws by training Chinese pilots to land on aircraft carriers three times in 2010 and 2012.

The indictment also lists three unnamed co-conspirators from the United Kingdom, South Africa and China, who are executives of a “China-based South Africa-based test flight academy” and a Chinese intelligence officer who obtained military intelligence. It is believed to have been one person. for the Chinese military.

Additionally, from an anonymous Chinese, Mr. Duggan provides services to state-owned enterprises in Beijing, evaluates PLA trainee pilots, tests naval aviation equipment, and guides tactics for landing aircraft on aircraft carriers. He claimed he had a contract.