Beijing’s warning shot is loud and clear as Meng’s case reaches its final stage


Meng’s arrest and retaliation for the imprisonment of two Michaels should awaken those who still hold the concept of peaceful China.


The Chinese Communist Party has undoubtedly shown how ruthless it really is and how long it will go to bend a country like Canada to its will.

On August 10, a court in Liaoning Province dismissed the appeal of the death sentence of Robert Schellenberg, a Canadian citizen who has been detained on drug charges in China since November 2014. Obviously, Schellenberg never gets a fair trial, and as with Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, CCP is always used as a leverage against Ottawa in political disputes.

Unfortunately, there is little hope of a favorable verdict, as there is speculation that the Spavor verdict is also set to take place someday.

A year and a half after tasting what the administration could really do with its brave lies and malicious cover-ups that led to a pandemic, such behavior made Canada that this type of hostility was not just anomalous. You should check with someone.

These are warning shots from Beijing about Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s hand-over case, and those who are hoping that the CCP will change the way and play great will wake up and this is the administration’s You need to understand that you are who you say you are.

Beijing is pulling up Ante after constantly failing to force Ottawa to release Meng. Meng’s delivery hearing will begin later in the same week at the British Columbia Supreme Court after discussions on the case have ended on August 10. August 20th.

A series of polls showed a consistent increase in skepticism among Canadians about their relationship with the Chinese administration.

In a poll released in March prior to the Kobrig and Superber show trials, 77% of Canadians believe that improving relations between Beijing and Ottawa should depend on the release of two men. I understand. As more Canadians prefer closer economic ties with US and European partners to communist China, their enthusiasm for continued economic cooperation with Beijing has diminished.

This is encouraging as it shows that ordinary Canadians continue to show more wisdom than many elites as to what the CCP is and how to approach it.

But the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party also needs to be kept in mind by world leaders. The administration plans to launch a “good faith” promotional campaign later next year to improve China’s international awareness. According to the national media Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping is for party officials, in order to constantly expand the circle of “friends,” can be trusted, loved, told him to focus on the promotion of fine China “. [when it comes to] International public opinion. “

During that period, the February 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held, and what Canada should urgently consider within the next few months is to play an important role in promoting the international boycott of the Olympics. ..

Under no circumstances should we now reward the administration with the advertising opportunities and fame that such an event would bestow on it. It is easy to forget that the debate from members of the Olympic Committee and other such organizations that politics should be excluded from the Olympics prevents the ideology of the administration hosting the event from separating politics from anything. ..

Boycotts are also endorsed by the majority of Canadians. According to a survey released this week, more than half of Canadians are in favor of a boycott of the tournament. Similar results were obtained in the April poll.

Now is the time to take the decoupling idea more seriously. One of the details to keep in mind in this regard is that some states, such as British Columbia and Nova Scotia, have signed an MOU and maintain a trade office in China. These should be discontinued and closer economic relations with like-minded countries such as India, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore should be encouraged and pursued.

Canada’s perception of China is changing rapidly, but recent events should keep in mind that the Communist Party of China is not a country in which we can do business. The policy needs to reflect this immediately.

Shane Miller is a researcher at Probe International.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Shane Mirror

Shane Miller is a researcher at Probe International and a freelance contributor to The Epoch Times.