Belarus’ plans to design the EU migrant crisis backfired as immigrants decided that Belarus was better than nothing.

Immigrants on the Belarus-Polish border

Immigrants on the Belarus-Polish border Maxim Guchek / BELTA / AFP / Getty Images

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko Revenge on the European Union NS Flood it with asylum seeker immigrants He headed for the Polish border, but as it did, his plans backfired. “The Lukashenko administration is currently struggling to deal with the thousands of stranded people invited from the Middle East and beyond,” he said. Washington post Report..

Wednesday Belarus Started an immigrant bus In the cold of the Polish border, we gathered in a warehouse that promised food, warmth, and shelter. However, “it helped to bring desperate immigrants to the doorsteps of Europe.” New York Times Report“Lukashenko suddenly likes Belarus and has to deal with people like Bernis, a 21-year-old Kurdish from Iraq who wants to settle here.”

Belarus is not Nis’s first choice — like other immigrants, he wants to go to Germany or elsewhere in the EU. “He spent more than $ 4,000 frozen in the woods, but lamented that he had reached a poor and highly oppressive former Soviet Republic with few jobs and other opportunities.” rice field. NS Times Report.. However, Mr. Nis said, “Belarus was much more attractive than returning to Iraq, and I had many encounters with Polish soldiers and border guards. I said I wanted to apply for asylum in Belarus,” he said. “A very good country. I called it.

“The dictator usually doesn’t have to worry about praising his country.” NS Times NoteHowever, Lukashenko said, “If immigrants begin to demand political asylum in Belarus, they may face serious headaches. It is primarily an orthodox Christian country and has the experience of accepting foreign immigrants. Poor, like Poland and other Eastern European countries, are generally non-European Christian immigrants. “

Lukashenko may deport migrants to Iraq, Syria, and other countries of origin. Many immigrants are afraid that he will do just that. NS director Report.. “Belarus has spent weeks accusing Poland of violating international law by refusing to consider asylum claims and pushing migrants back across national borders,” he said. NS Times Report..

Lukashenko hopes to win a concession from the EU, probably inspired by Europe’s decision to generously pay Turkey to stop the flow of asylum seekers in Syria during the 2015 volatile migrant flood. Was an independent Belarusian analyst Dmitry Volknets director.. “But Lukashenko has miscalculated and now there is no way out.”

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