Belarusian troops threatened to fire at Polish troops defending the border, the Defense Ministry said

On Thursday, the Polish Ministry of Defense accused Belarusian soldiers of threatening to fire at Polish troops across the Polish-Belarus border a day ago.

“Yesterday there was another provocation against Polish soldiers defending the border,” said the Polish Ministry of Defense (MOD). Said..

“Polish soldiers have placed a group of about 250 immigrants near the fence,” it explained. “The Belarusian soldiers guarding them threatened to fire at our soldiers.”

The mod said the Polish army did not allow them to provoke themselves, and as a result the situation did not worsen.

“While the actions of Belarusian soldiers seemed to be an attempt to exacerbate the situation, they were also an attempt to hide the fact that a group of immigrants had passed to Polish territory,” he wrote.

According to MOD, the incident on Wednesday was yet another confirmation that Belarusians were involved in pushing illegal immigrants across the Polish-Belarus border.

The European Union and Warsaw have accused Belarus of deliberately encouraging entry into Poland and other EU member states via Belarus’ territory as a means of putting pressure on the block over sanctions. Belarus has repeatedly denied these accusations.

The situation along the border is “at risk” as Polish officials declared a state of emergency in several areas along the Belarus border last month and announced plans to spend more than $ 400 million on improving border defense. “Repeatly states. Build a strong barrier.

The number of Polish troops dispatched to border areas to stop the flow of illegal immigrants also increased by thousands last month.

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On October 11, 2021, Polish soldiers can be seen in front of the Border Guard headquarters in Mihawovo, Poland. (Kacper Pempel / Retuers)

Defense Minister Marius Brassack said on October 25, “10,000 soldiers from the 12th, 16th and 18th divisions will monitor border security.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland on November 3 statement Polish border officials said on November 2 that they had found “an individual in an unidentified uniform armed with a long gun” on a previous alleged invasion. Upon attempting contact, the armed individual reloaded the weapon and ran back towards Belarusian territory. First news reported..

After the incident, a formal protest against Belarus took place. Poland said it had summoned a ChargĂ© d’Affaires in Belarus to protest what it said was a “intentional escalation” of the immigration crisis.

“Deputy Foreign Minister Pyotr Warzik forwarded a strong protest against the Belarusian side against the Polish border breach, and the actions taken by Belarusian authorities in recent weeks have an increasingly distinctive feature of intentional escalation. I emphasized that. “

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied the charges, saying that the Polish authorities have not provided evidence or documentation of the alleged case.

“Belarus has never been provoked and has no intention of inducing a border case …. The artificial operetta performance organized to create a hostile image of Belarus in international public opinion is only in international law. It is also inconsistent with all possible moral norms. “

Reuters contributed to this report.

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