Belgium abolishes almost all COVID-19 measures as the crisis eases

A client shopping at the Spar Supermarket in Helecine, Belgium, March 7, 2022. (EricLalmand / Belga Mag / AFP via Getty Images)

Brussels — Belgium began relaxing most COVID-19 restrictions on Monday as the biggest move to ease measures since the pandemic began about two years ago.

There is no longer a coronavirus passport that allows admission to bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas and limits on capacity.

Masks are no longer required except in the public transport and medical departments.

The government announced last week that 11 million countries would move from Code Orange to Code Yellow, the second toughest anti-virus measure, as of Monday.

The number of infections in the week ending March 5 decreased by 24% compared to the previous week to 5,854 cases. Cases of new hospitalizations and intensive care continued to decline rapidly.

As more and more governments are designing protocols for coexistence with the coronavirus, other European countries are also mitigating pandemic measures.

Associated Press