Belgium is trying to curb social life to fight the 4th COVID-19 Wave


Shoppers wearing face masks are looking at the poster of the COVID-19 Vaccination Center in a supermarket in Brussels on August 30, 2021. (BartBiesemans / Reuters)

Brussels — Belgium introduced new restrictions on Friday, including the closure of nightclubs and the early termination of bars and restaurants to reduce social contact in the fourth wave of COVID-19 infection.

The new measures, which will take effect on Saturday for three weeks, will take place just one week after the previous coronavirus restriction package, including increased use of masks and enhanced telecommuting.

Under the new rules, Christmas markets, cultural facilities, bars and restaurants must be closed at 11:00 pm, with a maximum of 6 people attending each table. Private parties and gatherings other than weddings and funerals are also prohibited.

In addition, Belgians have to shop for themselves.

The State Health Minister will meet on Saturday to discuss accelerating the deployment of vaccine booster doses. Elementary school teachers and nursery teachers may be prioritized.