Belkin’s gadgets make all speakers have AirPlay 2 capabilities


Belkin Soundform Connect

Belkin Soundform Connect

Apple expanded the AirPlay 2 wireless streaming specification to third-party products, so that more new TVs and audio products can enjoy this wireless streaming technology. However, some older speakers are very nice, but they don’t have AirPlay 2. What should I do?Belkin therefore launched Soundform Connect As long as the adapter is connected to the 3.5mm or optical fiber input hole of the speaker, it can provide more AirPlay 2 connection sources.

That is to say, similar products have appeared before, that is, Chromecast Audio that has been hacked, but this is more restrictive. AirPlay 2 can basically broadcast any audio from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and has the ability to stream in multiple rooms, and it can also be used with Apple Home. I believe that its $100 price tag can still attract some people of.