Ben Stiller says his daughter called him “not there” when he was a kid: “hard to hear”

Ben Stiller and his daughter Ella Stiller pose for the opening night of a new musical based on the movie

Ben Stiller and daughter Elastiler in 2019.Bruce Glikas / WireImage

  • Ben Stiller revealed that his daughter called him “not there” when he was a kid.

  • During ~ Recent interview with EsquireStiller shared how the kids learned that they “do not maintain their scores in your career.”

  • “They just exist emotionally and want parents to support them,” he said.

Ben Stiller His daughter says that as a kid, he “is pretty clear” about “not there.”

The “Zoolander” actor shared that his successful acting career meant that he couldn’t always be his current father. Recent interview with Esquire..

“She says it pretty clearly, and sometimes it’s something I don’t want to hear. It’s hard to hear,” he said. “Because I’m not there as I saw my parents missing, and I’ve always thought, well I don’t.

“But that’s what I was trying to navigate my desires to realize my hopes and dreams. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s important to admit.”

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller

Christine Taylor and her husband Ben Stiller in 2019.Bruce Grikas / WireImage / Getty Images

Stiller was born between the popular comedy duo Jerry Stiller and Ameira in the 1960s and 70s.

Stiller shares his two children, Ella (19) and Quinlin (16), with his wife Christine Taylor. He acted together in “Zoolander”.

“What I learned is that your child doesn’t maintain a score in your career,” he said. Esquire.. “It’s solipsistic to think that my kids really care about it. They just exist emotionally and want parents to support them. It’s probably me I’m leaving. More than pushing the limits of their creativity. “

Stiller has appeared, written, directed and produced over 50 films, including the “Meet the Parents” trilogy.

“”Disconnect,“Director Stiller, I’m out now Apple TV +..

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