Bergen asks if the Liberal Party will act “urgently and decisively” to deal with attacks on coastal gas link sites

Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen wonders how quickly the Liberal Party government will act this week to deal with an armed attack on security guards and equipment at the British Columbia natural gas pipeline site. increase.

“This is very disturbing. Let’s see how urgent and decisive the Liberal Party will deal with this,” Bergen said. Said on twitter Thursday.

Bergen’s colleague Reslin Lewis also commented on the attack, comparing it to the Liberal government’s decision to enact an emergency law to address Ottawa’s protests against COVID-19’s obligations and restrictions.

“In British Columbia, violent pipeline protesters are causing turmoil, while in Ottawa, the Prime Minister has issued an emergency law against peaceful truck drivers outside the office to detain vehicles. , I removed my license and frozen my bank account, “she wrote on Twitter.

In British Columbia, violent pipeline protesters are causing turmoil. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the Prime Minister has issued an emergency law against peaceful truck drivers outside the office, detaining vehicles, removing licenses and freezing bank accounts.

— Dr. Leslyn Lewis (@LeslynLewis) February 18, 2022

RCMP said it was called by security guards who reported being attacked by an assailant at the Coastal GasLink (CGL) site near the town of Houston in northern British Columbia after midnight on February 17. rice field.

“Approximately 20 people armed with an ax were reported to have attacked guards and broke car windows. Initially, some CGL employees were reported to have been trapped, but all were safely in the area. I was able to leave, “the police said. In the statement.

According to RCMP, the road to the work site was blocked by fallen trees, tar-covered stumps, wires, and boards with spikes, and the debris was lit.

According to police, several people threw smoke grenades and lit sticks at police officers as they passed through debris and traps. At least one officer was injured.

When police finally arrived at the CGL drill pad site, they discovered that “serious damage” had been added to heavy equipment, fences, and portable buildings.

This is a very nasty escalation of violent criminal activity that can lead to serious injury and death. This was a calculated and organized violent attack that shook victims and left millions of dollars of destruction. Warren Brown, a police officer, said.

Epoch Times Photo
Part of the damage that occurred at the Morice River drill pad site at Costa GasLink near Houston, British Columbia after the February 17, 2022 attack. (CostalGasLink)

Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino told reporters Friday that he was “deeply concerned” about the attack. His idea lies with the injured RCMP officer and his family.

“I would like to make it clear that no matter what your cause or view is, there is never a justification for violence against fellow Canadians. This is clearly a member of RCMP and us. Law enforcement agency, “he said.

Epoch Times Photo
Damaged heavy equipment can be seen after workers and equipment were attacked at the Costa GasLink drill pad site near Houston, British Columbia on February 17, 2022. (Costal GasLink)

Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, said Ottawa should implement an emergency law in connection with the CGL attack.

“If the Trudeau government is to use emergency law to end the blockade, they will also track money, seize related vehicles, and damage people who are acting illegally here. “This important export infrastructure must be used to provide all the resources needed to ensure that we are arrested for the blockade,” he said. I wrote it on Twitter.

British Columbia Minister of Public Security Mike Farnworth Issue a statement He blamed violence and said that “terrible criminal activity” could lead to serious injuries and loss of life.

“There is no excuse for such violence or intimidation. All workers deserve protection from harassment and harm,” he said.

CGL is building a 670-kilometer pipeline project across Wet’suwet’en First Nations tradition Territory of northwestern British Columbia

In the statement, The CGL said the February 17 assault took place at the same location as the two-month blockade in 2021 protesting the construction of the pipeline, causing millions of dollars in damage.

“One of the most worrisome acts was an attempt to light a vehicle while workers were inside,” the company said, adding that vandalism has created dangerous leaks and is working on cleanup. rice field.

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Map of previous opposition to CGL’s pipeline project near Houston, British Columbia
(Coastal GasLink)

This project is opposed by the genetic chiefs of wet sweatshirts and environmentalists who want to abandon it. Over the last three years, the RCMP has enforced three court orders against the lockdown set by the chief and his supporters.

In 2020, protests spread to other parts of Canada, with rail and road blockades continuing for weeks in an attempt to stop the project.

The CGL said the project was “legal, licensed and fully licensed” by the government and has the support of all 20 First Nations Band Councils elected along the pipeline route. ..

Lee Harding contributed to this article.

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