Bergen says conservatives do not attract dissatisfied liberals by being “liberal lights”

Candice Bergen, the leader of the Interim Federal Conservative Party, says that the party’s “liberal light” does not attract disgruntled liberals.

She made a statement in a video speech played in a conservative loyal party hardline room gathered in downtown Ottawa for a three-day meeting.

Bergen, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, focused much of his speech on the importance of the party being proud of its conservative value and sticking to it.

She told supporters that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has moved the Liberal Party further to the political left and some older supporters are looking for alternatives.

Bergen says the Conservatives can be a new home for them, but only by being really conservative.

Interim leaders also want candidates to keep in mind the advice provided in letters to all campaigns by former Reform Party leader Preston Manning to avoid personal attacks. Encouraged.

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