Bergen shakes the team of Parliamentary leaders of Outur and resigns from Quebec

Ottawa — New conservative interim leader Candice Bergen has wiped out the leadership team of former leader Erin O’Toole in Congress.

Tory parliamentarians were informed on Friday about a major shake-up. This follows their decision to force Outur to resign with a 73-45 vote.

Bergen has announced that Quebec MP Gerard Deltel, Ontario’s Michael Barrett, Alberta’s Blake Richards, and Manitoba MP James Bezan have left the team.

She replaced them with her house leader, Member of Provincial Ontario, John Brassard, and Tory’s deputy house leader, Tom Kumiek.

Both Brasard and Kumiek were one of the nine candidates who recently ran for interim leaders.

Bergen also appointed Alberta Parliamentarian Brain Kalkins as her main opposition whip and Lianne Ludo, Ontario as her deputy whip.

Due to the dismissal of Demeter, the Tories are no longer representing Quebec on the parliamentary leadership team.

At least three of the Autour picks are still in the inner circle.

These include MP Alain Rayes, Lieutenant of Quebec, the Conservative Party, Ontario MP Erin Duncan, the secretary of the caucuses, and Alberta MP Tim Uppal, who was outreach.

Canadian press