Bernadette Peters shuts down protesters at her Broadway bark pet transfer event


Bernadette Peters takes his love for animals very seriously.

Known for his major works “Sunday in the Park with George,” “Singing and Dancing,” and “Annie Get Your Gunn,” the three-time Tony-winning Broadway star will be in New York on Saturday, July. I was in the Schwart alley in the city. 10 for her 24th year Broadway bark Pet transfer event.

Peters helped find the charity behind the initiative 1998 with Mary Tyler MooreReacted to the protesters who crashed her event.

In the video posted on twitterThe 74-year-old actor called protesters for interfering with her while she was giving a speech on stage.

“Sorry! You have stopped getting the opportunity for all the animals here to be adopted,” she told them as the crowd cheered.

She asked, “Isn’t that what you want?” Before she continues her remarks.

The social media user who shared the clip wrote in the caption, “How do I make Bernadette Tony to fight protesters on Broadway Burks?”

according to Animal Rights News Twitter Account, Activists and protesters behind the website have spoken against the New York Humane Society. (It is unclear how or if the Humane Society is involved in or is involved in Peters’ organization.)

When the clip spread on social media, many praised how Peters treated the heckler. One seems to have agreed to the original post, comment“Literally give another Tony that only exists in Bernadette.”

Writer Jill Twiss jokingly when another asked about the protest answered“A woman who is 74 years old but has beautiful skin”

“Imagine, among all, offending Bernadette Peters,” said a Twitter user. I have written..

Given her history at Broadway Burks and her support for animal rights, many were confused as to why protesters spoke at the Peters event.

“They are protesting like Bernadette is one of the biggest animal activists for me,” said one. I wondered..

Several social media users also compared the moment with their Broadway legends. Patti LuPone A challenging audience in May who refused to follow the mask policy.

“Angry Bernadette Peters is much scarier than angry Patti LuPone,” said one. Said..

With a few minor interruptions, Broadway Burks (and Broadway Care / Equity Fight AIDS, which hosts the annual event) have completed their first face-to-face “adoption” since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actors such as Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman, who co-sponsored the event, also attended to support Peters’ efforts to help dogs and cats find a permanent home. CBS News New York..

“Broadway Burks has helped place thousands of pets in their beloved homes with the help of volunteers and celebrities,” says the charity website. “Broadway Burks looks to the future and sheds light on responsible pet ownership, the importance of contraceptive neutering, pet identification, and the impact of pets on our lives, to shelter animals here and across the country. I will continue to focus. “