Bernie Sanders has expressed “serious concern” about Biden’s proposal for a modest increase in Pentagon spending

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Senator Bernie Sanders said there were “serious concerns” about the Biden administration’s defense budget proposal. Win McNamie / Getty Images

  • The Biden administration is demanding $ 735 billion from Congress to fund US military operations.

  • This is a slight increase from last year.

  • Senator Bernie Sanders said there were “serious concerns” about spending money on the “bloated Pentagon.”

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The Biden administration is demanding $ 7.53 billion in its first US military spending. $ 1.5 trillion budget blueprintDisappoints progressives, raises “serious concerns” from the chairman of the Senate Committee, and ultimately decides how appropriate.

In a proposal announced Friday, the White House demanded a 1.7% increase in national security spending, including $ 715 billion for the Pentagon. Taking inflation into account, it’s about the same amount that Congress approved in 2020.

But the Liberal Democratic Party wanted more. Last year, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus demanded a 10% reduction in defense spending, claiming that the money (more than half of US discretionary spending) could be better utilized by funding social programs, especially in a pandemic. Did.

“Budget is about priorities”

Senator Bernie Sanders said the request plagued him.

“I have serious concerns,” Sanders, who is independent of Vermont and chairs the Senate Budget Committee, said in a statement on Friday. “When the United States is already spending more military spending than the next 12 countries combined, it’s time to seriously consider the enormous cost overruns, waste and fraud that currently exist in the Pentagon.”

That concern was reiterated by Sanders’ liberal colleague Elizabeth Warren of the Massachusetts Democratic Party at a Senate Military Commission hearing in February.

“Budget is about priorities, we continue to overinvest in defense while underinvesting in public health, doing many things that will keep us safe and save lives. “I have,” Warren said.

That comment came Under interrogation Dr. Kathleen Hicks, who was elected Deputy Secretary of Defense by the Biden administration, said the Pentagon could work with less money, but it would require a “difficult choice,” the White House said. It seems he is not willing to work on the first spending proposal.

In 2020, the Pentagon failed to audit for the third consecutive year. We do not expect to pass a comprehensive review of assets until at least 2027.

Biden administration defends proposal

White House officials talked to reporters about the background on Friday in an attempt to soften progressive critics.

“Most of that increase is in paying for uniformed men and women, and the civilian salaries that support them,” they said.

According to federal officials on military salary increases, military personnel should expect a 2.7% increase in salary. Military Times Reported last December..

The Biden administration will announce more detailed spending proposals in the coming months.

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