Bescher pulls Kentucky Maskman date


Governor Andy Beshear pulled out his latest Maskman dating order for school and day care on Monday. But even after the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled against the ability to issue emergency orders, he told Lexington’s television station that a wider mask mandate might be needed.

In an interview with WKYTMr. Bescher said he was prepared to make controversial phone calls, such as requiring masks in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, the Supreme Court of State, in a rare decision on Saturday, upheld the General Assembly, and the law passed by state legislators to limit the governor’s emergency power should not be blocked by circuit court judges. Stated.

“Going forward, what the Supreme Court said is that those calls would have to be made by the legislature,” Bescher said.

The ruling will take place when COVID-19 cases surge in the state due to the delta variant and schools throughout Kentucky are reopened. As the school district returns to full-time in-class instruction, many report positive tests and more students needing more quarantine as the number of cases increases.

As hospitals face a serious shortage, the Governor pointed out that a general state-wide mask mandate may be needed to respond to the crisis.

“I was willing to make that tough call in the past,” he added. “It will be something along with other issues that the Legislature now has to face.”

Many Republican-led legislatures have criticized the order, and lawmakers have shown no willingness to take those steps. Some have pre-submitted a bill prohibiting such obligations from advancing for the 2022 session.

Although he demanded a broader mission, Bescher also withdrew his August 10 order to demand masks at all schools and daycare centers, following a Supreme Court decision. However, the governor’s move is less important, as the state board of education has issued a mask order to state public schools and the Health and Family Services Cabinet has issued a mask order to day care.

Toni Konz Tatman, chief communications officer at the Kentucky Department of Education, said in Center Square on Monday that House Building 1, one of Bescher’s disputed laws, will feature schools and other organizations by state agencies and local governments. He said it was open and forbidden to infringe completely. Operable.

“KBE regulations that require face covering in school facilities do not impede the ability of public schools to remain open and fully functional for face-to-face services,” she said. “In addition, CDC and Kentucky Public Health Service guidance recommends universal indoor masking for all public schools, so the HB 1 plan must provide universal indoor masking that complies with KBE regulations. . “

As a result, the governor’s decision only affects moving forward private schools.

In Saturday’s ruling, seven judges unanimously ruled, and Franklin Circuit Court Judge Philip Sheppard passed an injunction against three state laws and a Republican-led general meeting, with Democratic Governor Andy Beshear. Ordered to end the resolution enacted over the right to veto.

Bescher sought an injunction from HB1, Senate Bill 1, Senate Bill 2, and House Joint Resolution 77, and said he violated his ability to issue emergency orders to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

Action legislators limit the governor’s ability to issue new orders based on the same emergency during the period of the governor’s emergency order, as long as schools, businesses, and other organizations comply with either. COVID-19 Allowed implementation of safety guidelines State or federal health guidelines.

In a joint statement after the court’s decision, Speaker of the House David Osborne of R-Prospect and Speaker of the House Robert Stevers of R-Manchester are ready to work with the Governor in managing the state’s response to the pandemic. Said.

“Let’s make it clear that today’s ruling does not undermine the seriousness of this virus or its impact on our federal government. The General Assembly continues to maintain both the safety and rights of all Kentucky citizens. I will do my best, “they said. “The General Assembly has repeatedly revealed that a disagreement with Governor Bescher is ongoing.”

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