Betsy DeVos-backed educational institutions reportedly lost recognition after signing off at a fake college.


Betsy DeVos

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos listens at a press conference at the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the US Department of Education in Washington, DC, on July 8, 2020. Alex Wong / Getty Images

  • Last year’s USA Today survey found that educational institutions recognized schools that looked fake.

  • Institutions-accredited councils for independent universities and schools-lost their awareness on Wednesday.

  • It also recognized a currently non-functional commercial school accused of deceiving students.

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On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education withdrew approval from the Independent University and School Accreditation Council (ACICS) to approve federally funded schools, although it reportedly had no faculty or students. ..

USA Today Research Although approved by ACICS last year, it was discovered that Reagan National University in South Dakota had no faculty, students, or staff. The agency said Reagan met the criteria during the accreditation process, but did not specify how he confirmed that the university had students and faculty.

This prevented the Ministry of Education from providing sufficient evidence as to why Reagan was certified in the first place, and the Ministry of Education revoked ACICS certification on Wednesday.

“Because ACICS violates multiple regulatory approval criteria seriously and systematically, we have no reasonable choice but to terminate the approval. It will take effect immediately,” said Jordan Matsudaira, Deputy Minister of Education. I wrote in the notice posted on the website.

Schools approved by accreditation bodies have access to federal funding and student loans, so Reagan can access federal funding even if it doesn’t seem to be working.

Reagan was eventually deprived of its approval, but Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos endorsed ACICS and confirmed that the institution followed appropriate procedures when choosing school accreditation.

However, Reagan was not the first suspicious school under the jurisdiction of ACICS. The institution has accredited more than 60 commercial schools, and many have been accredited, including Corinthians College and the ITT Technical Institute. Closed in the last 10 years Fraud is suspected, such as being involved in misleading marketing methods and taking out loans that cannot be persuaded and repaid by students.

Specifically, in 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Defendant A Corinthian order that illegally collects high-interest private loans sold to students.And in 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission Tried ITT Tech It deceived investors about high student loan delinquency rates and defaults.

The Ministry of Education’s decision to revoke ACICS accreditation follows a series of actions already taken to overturn the rules of the Trump era.For example, last week, the department Announced plan Begin addressing the flaws in the student loan system, including reforming DeVos’s method of exempting borrowers from student loans deceived by commercial schools.

President Barack Obama has established a borrower’s defense to repay a student loan of a qualified borrower who has been scammed, under which the program had an approval rate of 99.2%, but Debos took over. At that time, 99.4% of eligible borrowers were rejected by the program. President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Cancel $ 1 Billion Student Loan DeVos scams borrowers in March Testify immediately Why did a qualified borrower who was scammed get little relief?

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