Betty White was loved, but she didn’t love this ohio community

December 31-Betty White, one of America’s most beloved celebrities, died on Friday at the age of 99, celebrating his 100th birthday.

However, few know that she lived in Ohio for a short period of time in a local county for several months. She hated the experience.

White married World War II pilot Dick “Bad” Barker in 1945, and she planned to live with him in California.

But she said Barker instead drove her to Belle Center, a village in Logan County. She called the Bell Center a poultry farm.

They lived there with Barker’s mother and father.

“They sent me to kill the chickens and take me to dinner,” White was quoted in a Daily Beast article about 10 years ago.

She said she was an animal lover so much that she couldn’t do it.

White and Barker divorced later that year.

“I couldn’t hack it, so I split up and returned to California,” White told Newsweek.