Beverly Hills salon owners who attacked the Capitol are trying to revoke a serious plea on January 6.

Gina Navi Signano

Gina Visignano shouted at the loudspeaker on January 6 to encourage others to enter the Capitol.US law firm

  • On January 6, Gina Visignano called out in a loudspeaker in the Capitol, “Weapons are needed.”

  • She pleaded guilty before the judge made a favorable decision to condemn the parliamentary riots.

  • Mr. Visignano said the prosecutor “bullied” her to admit that she had interfered with the official process.

Beverly Hills salon owners requested on Friday to revoke the most serious plea she faced from January 6, 2021, claiming that federal prosecutors had “bullied” her to confess in court. ..

Gina Visignano pleaded guilty last year to six charges resulting from the January 6 riots. This includes blocking public proceedings with up to 20 years in prison. Visignano is a court filing requesting to revoke her guilty plea, not only the pressure felt by the prosecutor, but also another January 6 defendant based on a new interpretation of the law by her judge. He also pointed out a recent ruling dismissing the alleged obstruction.

Bisignano’s defense team March decision from Judge Karl NicholsTrump’s appointed person has determined that the sabotage law may only be enacted if the defendant is accused of “some action relating to documents, records, or other objects.”

Prosecutors have broadly interpreted the law to prosecute parliamentary rioters accused of interfering with Congress’s recognition of the 2020 election results. To date, other judges in the Federal Court of Justice in Washington, DC have not adopted Nichols’ narrower interpretation.

Other judges have described Nicholas’ interpretation as “tensioned” and “unnatural.” Earlier this month, Nichols said he was “very seriously considering” the Justice Department’s request to reconsider the decision, indicating that there was room for reconsideration.

However, Visignano’s request emphasized how the January 6 defendant was nevertheless trying to get a favorable opinion.

Visignano will be sentenced on July 12, and the prosecutor has a July 7 deadline to recommend her punishment.

A request to revoke her guilty plea could result in the revocation or delay of the decision. However, it is generally difficult for a criminal defendant to withdraw a guilty plea.

Visignano’s lawyer claimed that she did not fully understand the alleged obstruction at the time of her guilty plea and made it “invalid.” At her plea hearing, her lawyer said Visignano “showed her discomfort.” Statement of violationIn, the prosecutor accused her of entering the Capitol through the window and advised others to follow her.

She shouted from the window to the loudspeaker, “They won’t steal our votes.”

According to court documents, she also shouted, “Our people aren’t going to take it anymore. You’re not going to rob our Trump Bear. You’re not going to rob our votes.” is.

Statement of Violation Gina Visignano

Prosecutors quoted a line that Gina Visignano shouted on January 6 to encourage other members of the Protrump mob.Ministry of Justice

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