‘Bibi’ Netanyahu is ready for a political comeback.Here’s what it means for Biden’s agenda

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With the Iranian nuclear deal, the biggest source of disagreements between the US and Israel, effectively collapsed, President Joe Biden has said that if former Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu returns, policy siding from more right-leaning governments will continue. there is little to fear. To leadership, according to experts.

right-wing champion of Israeli security, previous Prime Minister embarks on path to strong position in elections to be decided on Tuesday, Israel’s fifth in four years, Wall Street Journal reportNetanyahu’s victory means that the nuclear deal, which Israeli leaders have consistently opposed, appears It has stalled indefinitely, an expert told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“People see this and say, [Yair] If Rapid wins, it’s good for Democrats, and if Bibi wins, it’s good for Republicans,” Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, told DCNF. According to Schanzer, the framing is flawed.

“I don’t think things are going to be hostile in the current situation, not the Iran deal that has been put on the back burner,” he said, adding that eliminating the “protracted” prospect of Iran’s return to the deal is “probably The most controversial issue that could arise between Bibi and Biden.”

After the coalition split, Netanyahu jumped into the race, cobblestone former prime minister together Naphtali Bennett 2021, collapsed in exile and failure Undo Longstanding Citizenship Act.The government was in power for only one year after four decisive elections saw netanyahu slowly lose his seizure of power, according to to the Washington Post.

Now, according to the Post, polls show Bibi’s Likud party falls just short of the 61 seats needed to control parliament or the Knesset.

“If it’s a Netanyahu-led government, the biggest problem would be Iran,” Shoshana Brien, senior director of the Center for Jewish Policy, told DCNF.

“The Biden administration still wants to find a way to deal with Iran,” she said, though a deal seems unlikely.

Biden’s Democratic predecessor, former President Barack Obama, said: sparred With Netanyahu on the nuclear deal. The prime minister opposed Obama’s campaign to strike a deal with Iran in exchange for a pledge from the Ayatollah to crack down on Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions relief, according to to the Associated Press.

of Joint Comprehensive Action Plan sunset clause limit Netanyahu argued that Iran’s uranium enrichment activities would undermine the gains achieved, give Iran the freedom to develop a nuclear weapons program, and fundamentally threaten Israel’s security. according to to the time of Israel.Netanyahu oppressed Trump scraps deal he negotiated Did it 2018.

When Biden took office, he have priority rekindle the agreement, prompt Initially opposed by Likud, after that From the centrist Bennett administration.

but iranian do not compromise According to the State Department, it is questionable whether the parties will be able to reach an agreement.Public Relations Ned Price Said October 12th. Reaching an agreement is no longer a priority for the administration, indicating negotiations have taken place. Moon Fits and starts may have been lowered indefinitely.

Biden and Netanyahu will trade fierce rhetoric as the deal breaks down, but the underlying policy trajectory will remain the same, both experts told the DCNF.

Schanzer suggested that the Biden administration might indeed cooperate with Israel on Iran, despite Bryan’s concerns.

“It will be interesting to see if the White House and the Prime Minister’s Office can work together to actually undermine the government. [Iranian] A regime through sanctions and political pressure, and other low-intensity operations. This could be a really positive development and I think Netanyahu would welcome it,” Shanzer said.

US and Israel are strong history of Cooperation Espionage, counter-terrorism, and other security issues quarrelNetanyahu himself Admitted Reference Obama.

“Biden may ‘punish’ Israel in some way — mainly by pushing talks with Israel” [Palestinian Authority] Or that sort of thing, or refuse to refuse to refuse to refuse a troubling vote at the United Nations — but there are conclusions that are understood in both countries,” Brian told DCNF. even told Biden that Israel would not support Washington in dealing with Iran.”

Shanzer speculates that Netanyahu has become less inclined to acknowledge the future of a two-state solution with Palestine and may approach that issue separately from US sanctions. I will not withdraw from the agreement. negotiated Some of it was done by US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein despite his threats to do so.

“This sort of thing can be handled if we have a clear line of communication about expectations on both sides,” Schanzer told DCNF.

As president, Biden has scored several political victories in Israel. negotiation Surrender of disputed territories to Saudi Arabia and maritime agreements prevention Rekindling with Hezbollah.but he Admitted In June, he said the time was “not ripe” to resume efforts to secure Palestinian independence, another of his administration’s goals.

Netanyahu has also stepped away from the interim government by raising the possibility of arms transfers to Ukraine, and the interim government’s prime minister, Rapid, has taken steps to maintain a fragile understanding with Russia over counter-terrorism operations in Syria. prevented. according to to the Jerusalem Post. It remains to be seen whether the policies will be implemented if Bibi becomes prime minister.

“Even when politicians disagree on key policy issues, we see a growing relationship,” Schanzer told DCNF.

The White House and Netanyahu did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

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