Biden administration does not cut education funding in Florida and Texas despite opposition to Mask

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona emphasized to “adults” on Thursday that “politics does not allow us to stand in front of the best for our students,” but the state has banned the following from the Disease Control Center: We promised not to reduce federal funding to the state if we did. Preventive coronavirus guidance.

Cardona stopped at the White House press conference on Thursday to update reporters about the new actions the federal government is taking to safely reopen school in the fall. While answering questions about policies implemented by the government. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas opposed the CDC’s latest mask guidance and expressed concern that “student-centered decisions have been made not centered on student health and safety.”

White House heats up Florida, Texas

Cardona also denied that requiring students to wear masks would confuse learning, and wearing masks in the classroom was ” [students are] At home. “

“It’s not the reason the school is confused by the politicization of this effort to reopen the school,” he continued. “We know what works. We need to keep our students safe. We need to keep our educators safe.”

Cardona has explicitly ruled out withholding federal funds from states that may take public action prohibiting schools from complying with federal guidelines. Cardona argued that such a move would only hurt students and deepen political disparities on this topic.

“After all, I want to work with Texas. I want to work with Florida. I want those students to be able to study directly,” he continued. “That is, after all, we are all together, and it is very important to talk directly with the governor.”

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You can see the entire Thursday briefing below.

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