Biden administration sanctions post-protest Cuban communist regime


The United States sanctioned key Cuban Communist Party officials for human rights abuses on Thursday following widespread protests across the island nation.

In a statement, President Joe Biden said the administration’s actions against top Cuban officials and a paramilitary organization known as Boynas Negras were “just the beginning” and the United States was “responsible for the oppression of the Cuban people.” Will continue to sanction individuals. ” “

In an accompanying press release, the Treasury said it was sanctioning Alvaro Lopez Miera, head of the Cuban Revolutionary Army, and Boinas Negras, officially known as the Ministry of Interior’s National Special Brigade. Serious human rights abuses related to anti-establishment protests beginning July 11.

Cuban officials reportedly arrested about 500 demonstrators and activists who participated in the demonstrators. Many protesters have sloganed for the resignation of Cuban leader Miguel Diaz Cannell, but some have suffered from lack of basic goods and services, lack of freedom and worsening living conditions. Protested.

The Cuban administration responded to the protest by carrying out mass arrests, cutting off Internet access and sending Communist Party radicals A paramilitary organization that hijacks cities and towns.

Epoch Times Photo
Cuban asylum seekers will meet on July 12, 2021 at the Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana district to assist Cuban protesters. (Malta Lavandie / AP photo)

“I clearly condemn mass detention and false trials that have unfairly sentenced prisons to those who dared to intimidate and silence the Cuban people,” Biden said. “Today, my administration imposes new sanctions on the elements of the Cuban administration responsible for this crackdown: the head of the Cuban army and the department of the Cuban Ministry of Interior that is driving the crackdown, and their actions. I’m responsible, “he said. Added.

According to the Treasury, Lopez Miera and Boinas Negras have been sanctioned under the Global Magnitzky Act, which allows sanctions for individuals or groups involved in human rights abuses and public corruption.

Biden on Thursday suggested that more sanctions and other actions were coming.

“We are reviewing our remittance policy to determine how to maximize support for the Cuban people,” he said.

More activists said the demonstration was underway. According to one, Tania Bruguera, Cubans are fed up with government abuse, waiting for hours at the Breadline, and Communist officials to live a luxurious life while the rest are suffering. Said it was hypocritical.

“Cubans line up for eight hours just to get bread,” Bruguera said. Politico this week. “At the same time, the housing situation is getting worse. People said” enough “… They see powerful people and their children living a wonderful life.Fidel’s grandson a few months ago [Castro] He made a video at Mercedes-Benz and showed his life very arrogantly while people were hungry. “