Biden Administration “Under Investigation” Potential Federal Vaccination Obligations


During a Friday appearance on Fox News, CDC director Rochelle Walensky was told by the Biden administration. Federal vaccine obligationsBecause vaccination rates are plateau and skepticism persists in certain parts of the country.

When the host Brett Byer asks Warrensky In support of the need for vaccination at the federal level, she replied. I think you are expecting the vaccine to be approved. “

“Overall, I think I generally want more vaccinations, but nothing more to say about it, except that we are considering those policies. No, “she said.

So far, most recently only private companies Walmart Disney, like local and state governments, imposes vaccine requirements on employees and some patrons, Warensky said.

Walensky seemed to sympathize with their concerns when Baier raised the objections of vaccine controversies and their claims of physical independence and personal choice in private medical decisions. “I fully understand pushback,” she said. However, she said COVID shots were not the first vaccine to be treated as a condition of entry into travel, employment, public school, or other environments.

She emphasized that the CDC was responsible for persuading the dissatisfied, but Warensky implied in her statement that state coercion was not off the table.

“Some people weren’t accessible. Some people have no holidays. Some people don’t understand the benefits. Some people are worried about side effects,” she said. He added that he is working to provide more information to those who refrain from vaccination.

The CDC director investigated reports of complications caused by the COVID vaccine submitted to the VAERS database and said the data provide “very rare signals” that indicate these adverse events.

“I mean, I’ve vaccinated 164 million Americans, so there’s a huge amount of data since December when I started vaccination,” she said. rice field. “So I have extraordinary confidence in the safety of these vaccines.”

Warensky’s comment comes after she recently suggested at CNN that the federal government wasn’t totally opposed to the implementation of the European style. Health path system It provides validated vaccinated individuals with special access to specific activities and locations.

“I think some communities are doing that. It may be the way forward,” she offered.

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