Biden and Congress have set “five alerts” by expiring federal unemployment allowances in a week as Delta surges.

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden will stop on August 16, 2021 while speaking from the White House’s East Room about the exacerbation of the crisis in Afghanistan. Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

  • All federal unemployment allowance programs have expired in a week and Congress has not renewed them.

  • Unemployment expert Andrew Stettner says this is a “five alarm fire.”

  • “Now we are harming people, which will hurt many,” he said.

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Federal unemployment allowance in the pandemic era Just a week..Century Foundation project That 7.5 million Americans Completely lose profit -An unprecedented fiscal cliff that is likely to have a dramatic impact on income, spending and the lives of unemployed workers.

Andrew Stettner, a senior fellow and unemployed policy expert at the Left-wing Century Foundation, said: Tweet It was “five alarm fires”.

“Most people live from salary to salary, and starting next week they will no longer be able to rely on their usual sources of income. They will be harmed,” Stettner told Insider.

Unemployed Said to the insider Benefits end too early as Delta variants proliferate, jeopardizing plans to return to work or school directly. For some, loss of income can also jeopardize their ability to stay in their homes.Last week, the Supreme Court Overthrown A reduced peasant eviction moratorium. The district court paves the way for resuming the suspended peasant eviction.

Currently, 7.4 million renters are at risk of eviction, according to the report. Census Bureau, And the People’s Policy Project estimated that 20 million unemployed Americans would see Their income It was significantly reduced as profits declined.In both cases, people Mercy of local action..

Washington isn’t pursuing an extension, but the state is possible

so letter The Biden administration has announced from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh that federal benefits will expire as scheduled for September.However, the state can intervene in Providing benefits You can also issue a one-time or regular remedy payment Because unemployed workers are cut off. So far, there are no states, except for a new stimulus check that took place in California earlier this year. Commit It offers additional benefits.

A Washington Governor’s spokesperson previously told insiders, “Continuous insurance payments for those who were previously unemployed or who are facing the completion of an available claim week. We need to see more parliamentary action to deal appropriately with. “

But Congress is not pursuing a renewal of federal unemployment assistance.Democratic Party Mainly excludes it From the debate when they began drafting a $ 3.5 trillion spending plan and Republicans were categorically opposed. Twenty-six predominantly Republican-led states unplugged months before the unemployment allowance program expired.

Moderate Democrats of Some Major Democrats Like Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia Already came out against it Everything except last month robbing the extension in the 50-50 Senate. All Senate Democrats need to support the party line package to clear the Senate under a painstaking process called reconciliation.

House progressives like Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez say They are They need to push extensions. But given the resistance from Democratic centrists and the focus of Chairman Nancy Pelosi on developing a spending plan that can survive the very thin Democratic majority in both houses, it’s long-term. It will be an effort.

“This will hurt many people.”

Profit cutoffs put some workers in a volatile situation.insider Previously reported About Amanda Linehart, a Pennsylvania mother who is currently receiving federal benefits. Her child is at high risk of COVID and she will be at home with him while he begins virtual school education for another year. This means she will not be able to return to her beloved hospitality job.

“I honestly don’t know what to do to move forward financially without these benefits of unemployment,” Reinhardt said.

Some experts Said again It’s too early to end unemployment, research States that opt-out of federal benefits early show a $ 2 billion reduction in spending. According to researchers, that could be a $ 8 billion reduction in spending coming in September and October.

“Loss of work is one of the most harmful things that can happen to your financial and personal health,” Stettner said. “We have avoided some of these damages for the past 18 months, but now we are harming people. Many people will be harmed by this.”

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