Biden angered the travel industry to keep the Canadian-Mexico border closed until at least late September


Until September 21, the Biden administration will continue to ban non-citizens from entering the United States at entry points along the Canadian-Mexico border, marking the 15th month of the renewed travel ban.

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Friday that it would not allow unnecessary travelers from outside the United States to travel to the United States at the border of the country, even though Canada overturned its policy earlier this month.

“To minimize the spread of # COVID 19 including delta variants, the United States will extend non-essential travel restrictions at land and ferry intersections between Canada and Mexico until September 21, and mandatory trade. “We continue to ensure the flow of travel,” DHS said on Twitter. “DHS is working with public health and medical professionals to work closely with partners in the United States and internationally to determine how to safely and sustainably resume regular travel.”

The American Travel Agent has blamed the Biden administration’s decision and said it would cost about $ 1.5 billion a month to export travel at the Canadian border.

“Travel restrictions no longer protect us from viruses, so do vaccines,” Triemerson Burns, executive vice president of public relations and policy at the American Travel Association, said in a statement. It has caused great damage to millions of people whose lives depend on travel and tourism. “

The move is also expected to upset parliamentarians representing parliamentary districts on the north-south border. I wasn’t happy Last month after the White House first suspended plans to reopen its borders after stating that the travel ban would be lifted in August.Over 75 members of the House of Representatives Sent A letter to Biden asking him to reopen the border.

The border has been closed since March 20, 2020. People from outside the United States are allowed to fly in from abroad.

President Joe Biden vowed to resume normal border operations in early 2021, despite having released tens of thousands of immigrants to the United States who have illegally crossed the southern border since taking office. I didn’t.Illegal immigrants on the southern border Reach the highest level in July More than any time in the last 21 years.

Under the public health policy that came into force in March 2020, all children and adults who illegally cross the border are to be immediately returned to Mexico or their country of origin. However, the Biden administration has not sent back most families. Children can’t turn their backs, but they’re released to sponsors in the United States Immigrants aren’t given the coronavirus vaccine before they’re released from federal custody, and the government detains children at the border Do not test.

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On August 9, Canada began permitting visitors to prove that they were fully vaccinated for at least 14 days.

The only exceptions to travel restrictions are U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents returning to the U.S., those traveling for medical reasons, those attending school, those working in agriculture or the agricultural industry, emergency and public health authorities, Includes US members. Military and commercial employees involved in cross-border trade.

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