Biden approves $ 100 million in emergency funding for Afghan refugees

According to the White House, Washington-Friday President Joe Biden from an emergency fund to meet the needs of “unexpected emergency” refugees due to Afghan conditions, including Afghan special immigrant visa applicants. Approved $ 100 million.

According to the White House, Biden has also approved the release of $ 200 million in services and articles from US government inventories to meet the same needs.

The United States prepares to begin evacuating thousands of Afghan applicants for a special immigrant visa (SIV) that is at risk of retaliation from the Taliban rebels because they worked for the US government doing.

The first batch of evacuees and their families will be sent to Fort Lee, a US military base in Virginia, by the end of the month, where they will wait for final processing of their visa applications.

Epoch Times Photo
On December 11, 2014, US soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment walk with the Afghan interpreter of the unit before a mission near the forward operating base Ganberg in Ragman, Afghanistan. (Lucas Jackson / File Photo / Reuters)

The Pentagon said on Monday that it was able to bring about 2,500 Afghans to a facility about 30 miles south of Richmond.

The Biden administration is considering other US facilities in the United States and abroad that can accommodate SIV applicants and their families.

Special immigrant visas are available to Afghans who have worked as translators or in other US government jobs after the 2001 US-led invasion.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives passed a law expanding the number of SIVs that can be granted by 8,000, covering all potentially eligible applications in the pipeline.

According to US authorities, about 18,000 such applications have been processed.

Jonathan Randy