Biden bans most trips from India to the United States with COVID-19 from Tuesday

Washington — Friday President Joe Biden has imposed new travel restrictions on India in the light of the COVID-19 epidemic, banning most non-US citizens from entering the United States.

The new restrictions, which will come into effect on Tuesday, May 4, at 12:01 am, are based on the advice of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Said that.

Biden signed a declaration on Friday to implement the restrictions originally reported by Reuters.

The Declaration states that India “will account for more than one-third of new global incidents” and that India “needs proactive measures to protect the country’s public health from travelers entering the United States.” Added.

In January, Biden also banned most non-US citizens who recently stayed in South Africa from entering the country. He also imposed immigration bans on almost all non-US travelers staying in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and 26 European countries that allow cross-border travel. Both China and Iran are also subject to this policy.

This policy means that most non-US citizens who have stayed in any of the designated countries within the last 14 days are not eligible to travel to the United States. Permanent residents of the United States and their families, as well as other non-US citizens such as students, are exempt.

The decision to impose the latest travel restrictions was immediate and was only achieved within the last 24 hours, sources said.

The Indian Embassy in Washington did not comment immediately.

India reported more than 300,000 new cases daily for nine consecutive days, breaking a record of 386,452 on Friday.

The total number of deaths has exceeded 200,000, the number of cases is approaching 19 million, and in February alone it will be close to 8 million.

According to medical experts, real numbers can be 5 to 10 times higher than official aggregates.

Other countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Singapore impose similar travel restrictions on India, but Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand have suspended all commercial travel with India.

The White House said Wednesday that it was sending more than $ 100 million worth of supplies to India to help the United States fight the COVID-19 surge.

Consumables include oxygen cylinders, N95 masks and rapid diagnostic tests. According to the White House, the United States has also redirected orders for AstraZeneca’s manufacturing supplies to India. This will allow us to produce more than 20 million COVID-19 vaccines.

Air travel

Almost all travelers traveling to the United States by plane must show proof that they have a negative coronavirus test or have recovered from COVID-19.

In recent weeks, the White House and US agencies have begun discussions on how to eventually eliminate the policy as vaccination campaigns are underway and cases are declining in some countries.

According to the trade group Airlines for America, US international air travel is down 60% from pre-COVID-19 levels, while US domestic air travel is down 40%.

US airlines and travel groups have urged the White House to set benchmarks for final relaxation of restrictions.

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