Biden calls for an end to political violence after attacking Pelosi’s husband

Speaking at a Pennsylvania Democratic event on Friday, President Biden called the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi “despicable” and spoke out against political violence and disinformation. “Enough is enough,” Biden said.

video transcript

Joe Biden: Before we begin, I would like to take a short break and send some love to Nancy and Paul Pelosi. That’s where she is – she’s on a plane heading there right now. And you saw the news. He was attacked in their home.

And when I spoke with the chairman, she said he was doing well. And he seems to be doing well. He’s fine and his whole family is there. While this investigation was ongoing, reports indicated that an attack on the house where Nancy Pelosi lived was intended.

As you know, the same chants used in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol were reportedly used by this man they have in custody. I didn’t make this up. This has been reported. Not guaranteed. I can tell you what is being reported.

The chant is “Where’s Nancy?” Where’s Nancy? where’s nancy This is despicable. America has no place to live. Too much violence, too much political violence, too much hate, too much bitterness.


And a political party can talk about stolen elections and COVID is a hoax and it’s all a bunch of lies that we think will not affect people who may be out of balance Why. Why do we think it won’t erode the political climate? Enough is enough. Regardless of what your politics are, everyone with a conscience needs to stand up against violence in our politics clearly and distinctly.


All of us together, as Americans, know Paul and Nancy and family as I do. But we are praying for him. We are optimistic about his full recovery.