Biden calls on George Floyd’s family to pray for them prior to Derek Chauvin’s verdict

& Lt; p & gt; George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, says President Biden called him saying he was

George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, says President Biden called him and said he was “praying” for his family.


George FloydBrother says President Biden He called his family saying he was “praying” for them.

“He was just calling” Philonyse Floyd Said NBC Today’s show on Tuesday. “He knows what it means to lose a family and knows the process of what we are experiencing. So he informs us that he is praying for us. I was hoping that everything would work. “

Closing argument closed on Monday at the trial Derek Chauvin, A former Minneapolis police officer accused of murdering George Floyd. The Floyd family, and the rest of the country, are now worried about the verdict coming within hours or weeks.

Biden confirmed that he had called Floyd’s family on Tuesday.

“I waited until the jury was quarantined and called,” he told reporters. “I hope the verdict is correct. In my view, the evidence is overwhelming.”

The president added that he felt great sympathy for the Floyd family.

“I can only imagine the pressure and anxiety they are feeling,” Biden said. “They are good families, and whatever the verdict, they want peace and tranquility.”

Biden has avoided commenting on the trial so far, but he Expressed support For the Floyd family in the past, and visited them last year.

“The life of George Floyd is important,” he said in May 2020, when he was still a presidential candidate. “It was as important as mine. It’s more important than anyone else in this country.”

The White House said the president Deal with the country After the jury makes a verdict.

In the case of acquittal, the speech may seek calm. Massive protests broke out across the United States after the video of Mr. Floyd’s death first appeared last spring, causing violence and looting in some cases.

Authorities are concerned that a similar reaction could occur if Chauvin was acquitted. Mayor of District of Columbia, Muriel BowserHas already urged 250 national guards to assist police in the event of a major protest in the capital.

White House Press Secretary on Monday Jen Psaki The president said he didn’t want to see the riots.

“His view is also the most American thing anyone can do to exercise the rights of the First Amendment and protest fraudulently, but as he always says, protests must be peaceful. “Must be,” she told reporters.

On Tuesday, Philonyse Floyd also encouraged nonviolence.

“We all want peace,” he said. Today’s show, “But at the same time, people are suffering, so I can’t stop people from doing what they are doing.”

He added that he remained “optimistic” about the results.

“Me and my family, we pray about it every day,” he said. “In America, if blacks can’t get justice for this, I wonder what they can get justice for.”

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