Biden claims that school children “do not belong to their parents when they are in the classroom.”

At the 2022 Teacher of the Year Ceremony hosted by the White House on Wednesday, President Biden claimed that school children were not affiliated. parents “When they are in the classroom.”

“They are all our children. And the reason you are a teacher this year is because you are aware of it. They are not children of others. When they are in the classroom, they are Like you, “he said. Said..

Later in the speech, Biden targeted Republicans and parental movements in local school districts who had fought to remove them from libraries and curriculum books that promoted radical gender and racial ideology.

“Even math books have too many politicians trying to get political points trying to ban books. Tell them that they don’t fit someone’s political agenda and will be worried about the ban on book burning and books. Have you ever thought you were? “Biden said.

The comments were in the same tone as when Terry McAuliffe, a former Democratic candidate for Virginia, made a notorious statement last year. Parents should not be involved Public education from kindergarten to high school. In the course of the campaign, he declared at the debate: I don’t think parents should teach school what to teach. “

Glenn Youngkin, then opponent of Virginia’s current Governor of Virginia, argued: I believe parents should be in charge of educating their children. Since Yonkin’s radical victory in the state, several Republicans have Followed his modelParental rights are a major policy priority and legislation is in line with those policies.

For example, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently Parental rights in education lawBan sex education and gender identity instruction from kindergarten to third grade and postpone parents deciding when and how to teach their children on such delicate topics.

The rhetoric of parental choice has offended many progressives about its effectiveness in ballot boxes, given that many moderates have also persuaded it. Last week, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace compared custody law to Russian “war tactics.”Have their soldiers rape their children by dehumanizing them.. Similarly, President Randy Weingarten of the American Teachers’ Federation suggested last week that these Republican-supporting measures corresponded to “promotion” and “misinformation,” arguing that “this is the beginning of the war.”

Recent research shows that most Americans and Florida residents, regardless of political party, support custody law in education.

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