Biden demands Taliban release of American hostages

Washington — Sunday U.S. President Joe Biden releases U.S. civilian engineer, believed to be the last American hostage abducted and detained by Afghanistan two years ago, by a Tullivan terrorist group in Afghanistan. I asked.

Mark Frerichs, a 59-year-old US Navy veteran from Lombard, Illinois, has been involved in a development project in Afghanistan for 10 years. He was kidnapped a month before the signing of the US Army withdrawal agreement in February 2020 and transferred to the Haqqani Network, a brutal Taliban faction accused of some of the most deadly attacks of the war.

Monday will be his second year in captivity.

“It is always unacceptable to threaten the safety of Americans and innocent civilians, and taking hostages is a particularly cruel and timid act,” Biden said in a statement.

“The Taliban must immediately release the mark before expecting a review of its desire for legitimacy. This is not negotiable.”

Biden withdrew US troops from Afghanistan in August, smashing his approval rate with sharp criticism from Republicans, his own Democrats, and foreign allies.

Frerichs’ family criticized the US government for not exerting more pressure to secure his release. Last week, his sister, Charlene Kacola, personally told Biden in a Washington Post opinion piece, “President Biden, take my brother, the last American hostage in Afghanistan, home.” I made a plea.

The State Department said in a statement that the United States had filed a proceeding with Frerich at all meetings with the Taliban. “We call on the Taliban to release him. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken added in a Twitter post.

US and Taliban officials have met for the first time since withdrawing in Doha, Qatar in October. Qatar hosted a parley on Afghanistan, leading to the withdrawal of troops.