Biden details where the United States will send the first 25 million donated COVID-19 vaccines.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

President Biden Thursday, U.S. Donated 25 million COVID-19 vaccines Distribute to other countries as soon as possible and share an additional 55 million doses by the end of June. Approximately 75 percent of the first batch, or approximately 19 million batches, will be distributed. Through COVAX, Global vaccination effortsThe remaining 6 million will be distributed directly to allies and “regional priorities” including Mexico, Canada, Haiti, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank, Iraq.

The White House has stipulated where 19 million COVAX vaccines will be distributed. About 6 million times in Latin America and the Caribbean, 7 million times in Asia, and 5 million times in Africa.

“We share these doses not to secure favors or make concessions.” Biden said In a statement. “We are leading the world in sharing these vaccines to save lives and put an end to the pandemic. With the power and values โ€‹โ€‹of our example.” Added “As long as this pandemic is rampant somewhere in the world, the American people remain vulnerable.”

Biden Announced in late April and mid-May The United States plans to donate 80 million doses by the end of June, and his administration is facing pressure to begin shipping that amount. And that pressure comes from the entire spectrum of idealism โ€” Conservative Jim Gerati National Review And Chris Hayes, Liberal MSNBC Moderator They called on the Biden administration to make vaccine donations faster in the last two days.

“Early in the Biden administration, the White House, national security and health authorities agreed that it was their goal for the United States to become a global leader in vaccine donations.” Politico Report“But they didn’t agree on when to start shipping doses, how many to send, and even what to call donations,” they didn’t start working on the donation framework until April. did.

The White House initially planned to provide 60 million doses of stockpiled AstraZeneca vaccine, which has not been approved in the United States, but will be administered until the Food and Drug Administration’s safety review is complete. The quantity is still pending. It will be completed a few weeks ago and Politico ReportThe first 25 million doses are sourced from the US stockpile of Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

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