Biden directs the Ministry of Education to take “appropriate” action against the governor, who bans school mask obligations


Miguel Cardona.

Miguel Cardona. Win McNamie / Getty Images

President Biden told Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on Wednesday that his administration would not “wait” while the governor was trying to “block and threaten” local civil servants who imposed mask orders at school. A leader who has requested the use of “legal action when appropriate”.

Byden did not specifically appoint a governor, but Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican), Greg Abbott (Texas), and Doug Ducey (Republican) all threatened to take action against the school district. There is. It goes against their ban on Mask’s obligations, including withholding funds. Nonetheless, the highly contagious variants of the Delta are widespread throughout the United States, and some districts in these states have voted in favor of the universal mask obligation. On Wednesday, Miami-Dade County Public School in Florida, the fourth largest district in the United States, passed Maskman Date with a medical exemption.

According to Biden, these districts only want to keep their students safe and follow recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Wearing a mask can help control the spread of the coronavirus, and people over the age of two cover their faces while inside the school building. Biden said he wanted Cardona to take “additional steps to protect children.” This includes “taking legal action with all supervisors, where appropriate, against the governor who is trying to thwart and intimidate local school officials and educators.”

Cardona wrote to DeSantis, Abbott, Ducy, and the governors of Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah, and a ban on school masking obligations put students at risk and “may violate school district authority.” There is. ” We will adopt policies to protect students and educators in developing a secure return to the face-to-face instruction program required by federal law. ” Washington post Report. According to Biden, this is not politics, but “keeping the children safe. It’s about taking the virus together and uniting.”

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