Biden elects former Senator Tom Udall as New Zealand Ambassador

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden has appointed former New Mexico Senator Tom Udall as ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.

Democrat Udal retired in 2021 after spending two terms in the Senate representing New Mexico. He spent five terms at the House and was the Attorney General of New Mexico. He is from a well-known family in public affairs. His father, Stewart Udall, was Secretary of the Interior, his uncle, Mo Udall, was a Colorado House of Representatives, and his cousin, Mark Udall, was a Colorado Senator.

“President Biden serves our great country by dedicating my life to public services and serving as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which focuses on policies that promote democracy, international development and conservation. I am honored to be nominated for the next role, “Udal said in a statement.

Udall is Biden’s third former senator to become ambassador.

He also nominated Ken Salazar, a Democrat who served as Secretary of the Interior of the Obama administration, as the Mexican ambassador on behalf of Colorado, and Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican who approved Biden’s implementation in 2020, as the Turkish ambassador. ..

Biden is also expected to nominate Democratic fundraiser Jane Hartley as his ambassador to the United Kingdom, according to those familiar with decisions that are not allowed to comment publicly.

It was not immediately clear when the White House would officially announce the appointment of Hartley, the ambassador of France and Monaco during the Obama administration. She was an important fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 implementation at the White House.

The White House declined to comment on Hartley’s pending nominations first reported by The Washington Post.

Hartley was Chief Executive Officer of the Observatory Group of Economic and Political Advisory Company, and Parliamentary Director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Carter administration. She is married to Ralph Schlosstein, CEO of investment bank Evercore.

The British Ambassador is one of the hottest diplomatic posts, often with the expectation that candidates will be able to submit entertainment bills on behalf of the United States.

Former President Donald Trump has asked London Jets owner Robert “Woody” Johnson to post to London. Barack Obama turned to businessman Matthew Barzun and lawyer Luis Sasman during his tenure. Californian Robert Tuttle, who made money in the car dealership business, took up a position under George W. Bush.

Biden is also considering appointing Democratic fundraiser George Tunis, the founder and chief executive officer of the Chartwell Hotel, as the Greek ambassador, according to a person familiar with the White House deliberations.

Tunis was nominated by Obama as the Norwegian ambassador in 2013, but was abandoned due to difficulties in the Senate confirmation hearing. At a hearing, Tunis admitted that he had never visited Norway and mistakenly referred to the head of government as the “president” rather than the “prime minister.”

The White House also announced that Biden will nominate three career foreign service officers: Carin McClellan for Brunei Darussalam, Michael Murphy for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Howard van Franken for Botswana.


Tick ​​reported from Chicago.